5 Reasons why I thank God it’s Monday and YOU should, too

Mondays. See, a lot of people tend to be not-so-fond-of the second day of the week. I personally think it’s mostly because Mondays are the first day back to school or work after the weekend. Others seem to be cranky on Mondays for different reasons.

But, today is National Thank God It’s Monday Day. Yes. Yes there’s a day for that. But I was so glad when I saw that, because really, God deserves thanks every day. While I personally like Mondays, it’s important for all of us to see the good things that Mondays have to offer. Sure, you might not feel like getting out of the house, but at the end of the day, Mondays are more than just the first weekday.

Here’s just a list of a few of the many upsides of Monday:

  • It gives you a second chance; another day to do better.
  • Some people say that on Mondays, coffee tastes the best.
  • A lot of good shows come on TV on Monday night. Don’t be afraid binge!
  • Productivity has no limits; you have a whole week to reach some of your resolutions and goals (especially those for the current year)
  • If you have a job that you truly love, you’ll love going to “work” on Mondays.
  • It’s another day to Thank God for! Yayyy!!! ✨✨✨

Everyday is a blessing from God: everyday is a new opportunity to serve God, to do something new, to love yourself and to be productive. If all we’re going to do is sit down and complain, then we’re missing out on one of the greatest gifts of all: life.

Thank God it’s Monday! Thank God for everyday.

So, have a great Monday and week, y’all. Life is good!

National Thank God It’s Monday – article link (information about the national day and it’s cause)

My goals for 2022 | ♛ The Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen ♛

I looked up the Biblical and general meanings of some of the numbers in the current year, 2022, and here’s what came up;

2 – balance, union, peace, purity, and the contrast between physical and spiritual things

22 – light, strength, love, and the desire to achieve your goals

As you can see, this year’s numbers have very powerful meanings. The time flew by so fast. It’s literally been two years since 2020…wow. It’s time to start anew, and venture into 2022. To start the year off the right way, I want to share some of my resolutions and goals for the year, all of which I plan to complete by or before December 31st, 2022. I think posts like these are so fun to read and such a great way to start off the year.

Making positive goals for the future is always a good thing! Let’s go!

Spend more time with God.

I’ve always loved praying and spending time with the Lord, but now coming forward, I want to be even more proactive when it comes to reading the Bible and truly meditating on God’s Word and music. This morning, me and Goodmommy had a great Bible study, and I’m looking forward to having many more!

Finish writing the first draft for my novel.

I’ve actually stated this several times on my blog, but some of you might not know that I’m in the process of completing the first draft of a novel that I’m working on. So far, the draft is about 41,000 words, but I’m planning on going up to around 60,000. I’ve always wanted to be a published author, and I know that I’ll get there soon, with the grace of God.

Eat a salad 2-4 times every week.

Having a healthy diet is so important, and I’ve been eating salad frequently (on and off) for the past year or so. Therefore, this year I want to make more of an effort to eat salads a few times a week. When you treat your body well, you will see results on the inside and out.

Step out of box and practice new art techniques.

Ever since I started a Visual Art class, I’ve been using many more art mediums to create my artwork, a lot of which I had never heard of before. I want to become familiar with new art techniques. Making realistic portraits (especially of myself) is something that I’m not the most familiar with. However, I’ve been practicing and I’m hoping to continue to perfect my skills.

Reach (at least) 200 followers on this blog.

I’m so thankful to God, as well as my Goodmommy and all of you for helping me reach 51 followers on ♛ The Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen ♛! My blog is daily, and considering that I started blogging in August of 2021, I believe that as I expand my blog, obtaining a minimum of 200 followers by the end of this year is more than obtainable. Thank you all for your support. You are appreciated. :>

Continue to stay active in my clubs and extracurricular activities.

I’m currently enrolled in Creative Writing Club, American Sign Language (ASL) club, and Book Club. Since my schedule is much more leisurely compared to last school year’s, I want to make sure that I remain active and participate in all of my clubs to the best of my abilities.

Read (at least) 12 novels.

While I love reading, and always have, I want to read more. I think that considering my schedule, reading at least 12 novels in 2022 will be fantastic for getting more in tune with one of my hobbies, as well as obtaining some inspiration for the novel that I’m in the process of writing.

I must admit, documenting my goals for this year was a wonderful process, and I know it will help hold me accountable to my ambitions. These goals were very thought out. I am confident that I will be able to stick to all of them, and exceed my own expectations. I’m excited to do a follow-up either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year to share my progress with you all!

Please don’t forget to follow my blog and like this post, if you haven’t already. Also, feel free to share in the comments: Do you have an goals for 2022, and if you do, what are they?

Have a beautiful day! This year is and will be a great one filled with many blessings: I can already feel it in my spirit! 🎉