I Finally Got a Rainbow Loom!!! ♡

Hey, everybody! Thank you so much for stopping by on this wonderful day that God has made!

During my quick review post of everything that I’ve done during the first half of my summer break, I mentioned that I went to Micheals to get some more supplies to continue making my creations on my Wonder Loom. And I was expecting to purchase a few packs of rubber bands, as usual. But I ended up finding an entire storage case with 8 different colors of rubber bands.

I have a habit of buying more supplies before I even run out with what I have. And I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I never want to get into a place where I can’t make anything else until the next time I go out of the house. Perfectionist alert lol. So having a case in which I can store some of my extra bands will be a big help.

But the thing is, while having extra storage was definitely a bonus and a part of the reason why I bought this set in particular, it’s not the main reason why. The best part is that this kit also included my first ever Rainbow Loom!

Out of all the years in which I’ve loomed–starting in preschool–I’ve never had a Rainbow Loom to call my own. Instead, I’ve been using the cheaper option, also known as the Wonder Loom. And while it gets the job done when I’m making my creations, the Rainbow Loom allows you to deconstruct the shape and placing of the pegs. Therefore it greatly expands the type of creations that you can make.

The fact that the Rainbow Loom is so flexible when it comes to setting it up–not to mention being sturdy to the touch–is one of the reasons why it’s been the loom that I’ve wanted from my early looming days. Thank God, the time is finally here!

The entire kit also included this short instructions manual showing you how to make a single chain bracelet. Considering that creating simple jewelry like this is the best way to start looming, this kit is really good for people who are just starting to learn how to loom. Alongside the manual are these adorable gift bags in which you can put one of your creations to give to a friend or family member as a present. Those will probably come in handy, in the future!

Here is the overview of all the beautiful bands that come in this kit. A few of them come in colors that I’d never used before, so that was really exciting to see. A colorful array of beads were also included, some of them just plain and circular, and others square with letters imprinted on the front. Bracelets are some of my favorite things to make while I loom, so these gorgeous decorations should definitely help spruce them up a bit!

Hopefully, you all enjoyed seeing my new Rainbow Loom and bands. I’ve already made about 5 new designs on it, so far, and I’m already loving the upgrade lol. I also posted an unboxing review on my YouTube Channel where I shared what I liked about the set and some of my takeaways. If you would like to take a look at that you can click HERE to take a look at that amazing video!

Otherwise, thank you all so much for reading! God bless you all, and I will see you next time! Peace in! ♡

Pearls are ALWAYS Appropriate

Pearls are ALWAYS Appropriate

-ajoyfulchristianteen 🤍

What is fashion without the jewelry? Accessories are beautiful tools to help enhance our inner and outer beauty, and that includes what we wear.

While all types of gems can be just as becoming, there is one in particular that simply CANNOT be replaced! Pearls! And since today is National Wear Your Pearls Day, there’s no better time to discuss these delicate beauties!

Pearls are a symbol of wisdom, good fortune, femininity, long life, and elegance. Basically, all the good stuff in a nutshell…or an oyster, in this case, lol.

What I love about pearls is that they can go with absolutely anything, from a fancy prom dress to a simple tee with jeans. They never go out of style, and are a classic edition to any outfit!

Pearls are unique for many more reasons then their delicate appearances. They are the only gems known to men that come from living organisms. Not to mention that natural pearls are one of the most rare jewels in the world!

Fact Pearl-fection

For more information about pearls, here are a few interesting articles!

I hope you all enjoy some of your pearls today, and/or blessed someone else with some. Jewelry allows us to express ourselves and our unique style. So never be afraid to rock some pearls!

Have a beautiful, blessed day, everyone! ✨