My Top 10 Favorite Animated Disney Movies

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Hey everyone! It’s Princess Q! You might not know this but, like my book collection, I have a whole shelf for all of my movies! Although there are many movie companies that I enjoy, there is one, in particular, that never ceases to entertain me. What is that, you ask? Disney! ✨

Because of my love for Disney movies, I thought that it would be super fun to share my Top 10 Favorite Animated Disney Movies. If you are a fellow Disney fan, then let me know which movies you enjoy the most in the comments!

So, let’s get started! ✨

1o. Toy Story 2 (1999)

This is the sequel from the classic Disney movie Toy Story (1995). In it, Woody gets kidnapped, or toynapped, by a greedy toy collector. As a result, it is up to Buzz, Slinky, Rex, and the rest of the toy gang to bring him back home. However, conflict occurs when he meets some new toys.

I love the how this movie really keeps you laughing. In some scenes, it is very heartfelt, and it never ceases to make me smile. The toys are so committed to their owner Andy. Plus, it’s really cool to see toys come to life…literally!

9. Onward (2020)

On this whimsical adventure, elf brothers Barley and Ian Lightfoot go on a journey to bring their deceased dad back to life after they are gifted with a magical staff that he left for them. They have to face many emotional and physical obstacles. However, when their caring mother figures out that the two ran from home, she makes it a mission to bring them back.

I think what makes this movie so unique is that it really evolves around brotherhood. Considering the amount of Disney movies that I’ve seen, I feel like the relationship between brothers has been one of the most overlooked. This is also one of the few Pixar movies that has ever made me cry. And, believe me, that is not very easy to do.

8. The Princess and the Frog (2009)

In the lively town of New Orleans, an aspired cook, Tiana, goes on an emotional rollercoaster when a kiss with a frog in need turns her into something that is, well…unexpected. Now a frog, as well, Tiana makes it her goal to turn human again, and get the dream restaurant that she has always wanted.

This movie is filled with so much adventure and really amazing songs. I deeply admire the lesson in this movie, as well. It’s taught me that while hard work is important, sometimes it’s good to relax and have some fun. Princess Tiana is definitely one of my favorite Disney princesses because of her hardworking and humble nature. So, if you are looking for an entertaining movie with awesome music and comical characters, this is the way to go!

7. Moana (2016)

In this ocean-based adventure, 16-year old Moana is the chiefs daughter of a land that is in great danger. So, she sets out on a journey to save her people. Along the way, she meets a powerful, and cocky, demigod, Maui. With some help, she completes the quest that is long overdue and makes her family proud. Not only that, but she also figures out who she truly is, in the process.

This movie is so powerful. One minute, a tense adventure scene can create suspense. However, the next thing you know, you are bursting in tears from an emotional moment. It’s definitely a great watch, and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves a strong female lead and lots of action!

6. Ratatouille (2007)

In Paris, a rat, Remy, dreams of becoming a chef. When he suddenly gets separated from his family, he is faced with the opportunity of a lifetime when he meets an undermined garbage boy, Linguini. The two eventually team up to create a dish that changes Gusteau’s, a popular French restaurant’s, legacy forever!

To be honest, the fact that the main character is a rat that can cook makes the movie so intriguing. It really shows that no matter what age or species, anyone can be an amazing cook! Not only that, but this movie makes me laugh with it’s super unique and funny characters. If you love to cook-or eat-food, then this is a great watch for you and your family!

5. Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

This is a movie that I watched on Disney+, the Disney streaming channel. 19-year-old Raya gets caught in a sticky situation when an evil essence, known as the Drun, begins to take over her home. It is up to her, the Last Dragon, and some other unexpected friends, to save her home and bring back Kumandra, which her father had always wanted.

This film is extremely family-oriented, action-packed, and overall, really enjoyable for those who love a film that can keep you laughing. If you love young and brave characters, as well as many magical moments, then I definitely recommend Raya and the Last Dragon.

4. Mulan (1998)

Talk about a strong female lead! Mulan is about a Chinese woman, Mulan, who takes her father’s place in a war. She disguises herself as a man to fufil honor for her family and her country.

I love movies that show how strong females can truly be. I also admire the bravery and selfishness of Mulan. Not to mention the comedy provided mainly by her dragon sidekick, Mushu. Mulan includes so many unexpected turns and action filled scenes that can really keep you on your toes!

3. Lilo and Stitch (2002)

An evil alien, named Stitch, escapes his home, where he was meant to be exterminated. He ends up on the Hawaiian Islands, where he meets a lonely little girl, Lilo, and her struggling older sister and guardian, Nani. Meanwhile, other aliens, Jumba and Pleakly, follow suit and come to earth to finish him once and for all.

I love how family, or ‘ohana, is stressed so much in this movie. It taught me that anyone can be considered family. They don’t have to look a certain way or be blood related. Overall, it is very comical, heartfelt, and includes some very relatable characters. It’s definitely an amazing Disney classic.

2. Luca (2021)

Are you a fan of the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid?” If you are, I wouldn’t be surprised if you also really like the new movie “Luca.” In this cool adventure, sea monsters 12-year-old Luca and his friend, 14-year-old Alberto, go to the “humantown”, also known as the Italian Rivera, in order to get what is, in their minds, the best invention that humans have ever made: the Vespa. They also make friends with a human girl, Giulia, on their adventure.

Overall, this movie highlights the strength of true friendships. Like Ariel, Luca is extremely curious, and wants to see what it is like to be a human, and attend a human school. It is so family oriented, and I really enjoy Luca, Alberto, and Giulia’s dynamic.

1. Finding Nemo (2003)

This story is about the relationship between a father and a son. When a clownfish, Marlin, looses his son, Nemo, him and a fish with short-term memory loss, Dory, journey across the ocean to find him. Meanwhile, Nemo ends up in a dentist office’s fish tank. He and his new pals plan an escape to reunite him with his father, once again.

This story is very emotional from the first scene forward. The lesson of taking risks and the importance of family really stands out. This is a great movie to watch with your loved ones on movie night. I definitely believe that Finding Nemo is another amazing Disney classic that any Disney fan will love!

Okay everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading about My Top 10 Favorite Disney Animated Movies! Remember to comment your Favorite Disney Movies down below, and follow The Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen for many more fun posts like this!

Have an amazing day everyone!

5 Ways to Bond with Your Parents or Guardians

What’s up, fellow teens! I hope you all are doing wonderful, today! You know, as teenagers, we tend to want to be more independent, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s also important to take more time with those we love, especially our parent(s) and/or guardian(s).✨

I mean, think about it, they provide you with food, shelter, love, and are most likely the reason that you have your room, your phone, and everything else that they work hard for.

I’m pretty sure the least that we can do to thank them is spend some quality time together. Don’t you think? ✨

So, are y’all ready to read some ways that you can bond with your parents/guardians?

Let’s get this party started!

1. Set up a weekly movie date.

I’ve always found a movie a little more enjoyable when I sit down and watch it with my family. I know that being a teen can be busy sometimes, but try talking to your parents, and fitting a weekly time, that fits into all of your schedules, to sit down as a family, and enjoy a good movie together!

2. Try helping out in the kitchen.

Another amazing way to bond with your parents is by cooking with them. I’m sure that a lot of us are just used to eating the food, lol. However, cooking with your parents not only gives you an opportunity to spend time together, but it can also help you get some mad cooking skills!

3. Do your work together.

This might be a little hard or even impossible to do if you and/or your guardian(s) do not work or go to school from home. However, if you do, then a great way to bond is have an office room or space that you can share together. Not only can it be an opportunity for your parents to help you study, but you might even be able to help them with their work, as well. It’s a win-win!

4. Have a spa day.

Whether you get your hair done, a manicure and pedicure at a professional salon, or you just create a homemade face mask and prepare some snacks, having a spa day, especially with your mom, can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. I mean, laying down, getting your feet massaged, and eating a delicious snack? Sign me up!

5. Take some time to just sit down and talk.

You know, you don’t really need to do anything special to bond with your guardian. Sometimes, all it takes is to ask them how their day has been. It’s easy for a lot of us to talk to our friends about those sort of things, but, always remember, your parents need some quality attention, too!

Okay, everybody! I really hope that these 5 Tips will give you some great ideas on how you can share more bonding time with your parents! Don’t forget, no matter where you go in life, it’s always important to remember where you came from! ✨

Have a happy, healthy, and fabulous day, everyone! ✨

5 Fun Questions and My Answers

Hey, everyone! It’s Princess Q, here for another awesome post! I really love doing posts where I share a little more about myself, so I decided that I would switch it up a little bit today. I am going to be asking you guys 5 fun questions, to help me get to know you a little bit better.✨

And guess what? I’ll also be providing my answers to these questions!

So, are you ready for some fun questions and answers? ✨

Let’s get started!

Q1: What do you like about yourself? ✨

A: I really love that I am a representation of the Lord. I love that I am bubbly, charismatic creative, smart, talented and funny. I also really appreciate that, most of the time, I am not afraid of what others think about me. I love that I am thankful for every day of my life, and I live it to the fullest.

Q2: What do you think makes a good friend? ✨

A: In my opinion, a good friend is loyal, and always has my best interests at heart. They are not perfect, but they always want to see me grow, and live the best life that I possibly can. They don’t make me feel small, ignored, or unimportant. They make me feel special, and I am happy when I am with them.

Q3: Who or what makes you laugh? ✨

A: The one who makes me laugh the most is my Goodmommy (or my grandmother). Not only is she just a funny person in general, but we know each other better then any other person, except the Lord, of course. Therefore, she knows exactly how to make me giggle. She is my best friend.

Q4: Do you think honesty is important? ✨

A: To be honest (no pun intended), honesty is probably one of the traits that I value the most in a person. It speaks a lot about their character, as it shows me if they value me enough to tell me the truth. I am an honest person, as well, so it is equally important that those I associate with are honest, as well. It a basis to a great relationship.

Q5: What is your favorite room in your house? ✨

A: My room, of course. If you would like to know why me, and many other teenagers like our rooms, as well as some ways to decorate the room of a teenager, go and read my blog post from yesterday!

Okay everyone! I really hope you enjoyed those 5 Fun Questions and My Answers! If you would like, please comment down you answers to each question down below! Also, please go ahead and check my post from yesterday for 5 Creative Ways to Make Your Room More Stylish and Functionable!

Have a great, amazing, and fun day, everyone! ✨

6 Tips on How to Keep Your Body Physically Healthy

Hey everybody, I really hope that you all are having an amazing day! Princess Q is back for another fabulous blog post! ✨

No matter what time of year it is, or how old you are, it is always important that we keep our bodies, minds, and spirits happy and healthy! Now, I know that my most recent posts have been centered on mental wellness and health, but, I think it’s about time that we discuss how we can keep our bodies healthy, as well.

Also, please keep in mind, that this is not an article about me telling you how to get skinnier or bigger. I truly do believe that, regardless of how you look on the outside, the most important thing is that your body is healthy on the inside, even if you are the only one who can see it. As long as you feel your best, then that’s what matters! ✨

So, without further ado, let’s get into the tips!

  1. Get lots of sleep (just not in class, lol)

Getting a good night’s sleep every night is actually really beneficial to your body and mind. After you get a night full of peaceful sleep, you will feel refreshed and energized, when you awaken. Even better, it will cause you to be able to have better concentration and focus. If it helps, it might even be a good idea to play some peaceful music, while you lay down.

2. Try being more active.

Using exercise as a tool to be healthier can be very successful. Exercise not only keeps your heart and lungs working to their full potential, but it also helps tone (or give firmness to) your body! It even helps to improve your speed, endurance, and lower your risk for medical issues, such as a heart attack, as an example. Hey, sounds like a pretty good bargain to me, am I right?

3. Increase your water intake.

I know. Most people consider to be nasty and tasteless, but, once you get used to it, it’s actually quite refreshing. Drinking water actually brings lots of nutrients to your blood cells, flushes bacteria from your body, normalizer your blood pressure, regulates your body temperature, and, well, the list goes on!

4. Eat more fruit and vegetables.

Alright, alright! Here me out on this. Fruits and vegetables can actually be good when prepared/cooked correctly. As well, they are completely packed with fiber, minerals, and vitamins, all in which experts recommend we consume, every day.

Tip: If you have a favorite vegetable or fruit, or at least one that you don’t dislike as much as you do the others, they try eating that vegetable or fruit, more often then others.

5. Use more seasonings to your food.

Seasonings are a great way to eat more vegetables and other healthy foods! Believe it or not, a lot of seasonings have some major health benefits, such as;

  • Ginger, which helps reduce nausea or vertigo.
  • Garlic, which keeps your heart healthy.
  • Cinnamon, which lowers your blood sugar.

If that’s not a great way to eat your vegetables, then I don’t know what is!

6. Track your exercise and eating habits.

Thanks to something called technology, it is super easy to get an app that helps you to track your exercise and eating habits. Doing so allows you to be cautious of how much your are eating and/or exercising. If you would like something a little more mobile regarding tracking exercise, I would definitely recommend a watch, like the Apple Watch, as it is automatically attached to your wrist, and you don’t have to carry your phone every time you start walking or working out.

Alrighty, everyone! I really hope you enjoyed those tips on How to Keep Your Body Physically Healthy.

Remember, that no matter how you look on the outside, or what others think about you, as long as you feel good about yourself, then that is what is most important. The health of your mindset is extremely important, as well, no matter what circumstance you are in!

Okay everyone, I hope that you have a refreshing, relaxing, and beautiful day! See you next time! ✨