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Youtube ❤️

Username: {Princess Q’s World}


Description: On my YouTube channel, I give you a view of my everyday life. My channel is filled with many fun and creative videos such as vlogs, challenges, hauls, stop motions, tutorials and more!

Wattpad 🧡

Username: XoxTheQueenWriterxoX


Description: I use the Wattpad platform to tweak and perfect my writing skills! If you are interested in fanfictions, and/or my writing outside of my blog, then go ahead and check it out!

Fanfiction 💙

Username: XoxWritingLoverxoX


Description: Much like Wattpad, Fanfiction is another cite that I use to share my writing skills with other writers. I mainly write fanfictions with OC’s (my Own Characters) or crossovers between two shows (an example being The Owl House x Amphibia.) Again, if you’d like to see my creative writing, then go check it out!

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