Radiant in red to honor heart disease victims

As you all know (if you saw yesterday’s post, that is) today is National Wear Red Day! Yesterday, I wrote about the reason behind National Wear Red Day—to honor the women and men who have passed due to heart disease and/or stroke. I also explained what we can do as support towards the strides to lower these statistics. And one of the most predominant strategies that I mention was wearing red!

But, of course, it wasn’t enough to just say what we can do to support this amazing cause: I wanted to put my words in action. Check out me and Goodmommy looking radiant in red as a tribute to American Heart Month.

Of course, we had to do our normal routine and take an entire photo shoot once we got home, LOL. But I’m happy that we were able to make a statement through both fashion and color: two different methods of expression that blend to a tee.

Any time with Goodmommy is a treat, but we sure had a lot of fun going out today. Even though we mostly did just errands, Goodmommy was super sweet to buy us both a strawberry milkshake with red cherries on top. We didn’t actually eat the cherries. But the color of our milkshakes were pink, a color in the same family as red. So technically, we second-handedly added another red(ish) element to our National Wear Red Day.

I hope you enjoyed this quick read. Hopefully, you had fun celebrating National Wear Red Day, as well!

Have a beautiful, blessed, and red day, y’all! God is Good! ❤️✨❤️

Celebrate American Heart Month by wearing your red!

Believe it or not, the most common reason for women’s deaths in the United States is heart disease. It’s also the leading cause of death for black and white women in the United States. Even during the pandemic, heart disease is actually higher on the top 10 causes for American women’s death than COVID-19. Surprising, I know.

It is for this cause that February is also known as American Heart Month. And you might want to know how you can do your part.

Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day, where we can all come together and wear something red–whether it be a red shirt, red lipstick, red gloves, a red purse, etc.–to spread awareness and honor the many women (and men) who have passed away due to heart disease, as well as support the American Heart Association’s stride to reduce these statistics.

And the great thing about this movement is that we can still make a difference by simple acts, one being wearing red. While tomorrow is the official National Wear Red Day, if you want to show extra support for women’s heart health, you can even wear red (or something red) all month as a tribute to American Heart Month.

You can even shop at an online store called ‘Go Red for Women,’ owned by the American Heart Association, to buy your red clothing and accessories and donate as support toward the great cause. It’s amazing how we, as citizens, can truly make impacts in our communities, while getting fun items to support our health.

Also, if you would like some health tips for how you can keep your heart healthy, feel free to press this link.

So go ahead! Wear your red! Spread awareness for American Heart Month and women around the world!

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! 💖