❆ List of My Favorite Christmas Movies ❆ | Blogmas Day 13

In my house, the amount of Christmas traditions is absolutely astonishing! We take the holiday season very merrily, and one of the traditions that we use to celebrate is binging Christmas movies. Each one emerges you into a different story, but they all capture the essence of the Christmas season.

Since Blogmas is still underway, I wanted to create a list of a few of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. *Keep in mind that this list isn’t in any specific order, as I love each movie for different reasons. They’re all my favorites, so the ordering is just for organization. Thanks!*

The Polar Express (2004)

This movie centers around Hero Boy (Chris), who decides to go on a magical train (The Polar Express) on Christmas Eve. On a journey to the North Pole, he discovers that some wonders of life are only possible for those who believe.

Not only is this movie one of my favorites, but it brings so much nostalgia from when I was in elementary school, watching the story emerge in my pajamas. Although I didn’t focus on it when I was younger, the animation in this movie is truly breathtaking. The characters are easily likeable, and the story has a fantastic message for viewers of all ages. It includes much adventure that keeps you at the edge of your seat, and the music really brings in that classic Christmas feeling!

Godmothered (2020)

Godmothered is about a fairy godmother-in-training who has come to Earth to answer the long-waited letter of a young girl. But when she finally arrives to make the little girl’s dream come true, she realizes that the same girl is now an adult with a family of her own.

I think this movie is very similar to the Disney classic Enchanted (which I also really liked), but with a spin. I love its focus on family, with comedy here-and-there and just a bit of romance. While it might seem a bit cheesy to some, I really love how it has the theme of cherishing your family, and appreciating what you have, even if it isn’t the life that you planned or envisioned.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018)

This is pretty much a modern spin to the other Christmas classic, Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The beloved Grinch has an internal battle as he makes it his goal to steal the gifts of the people of Whoville, and essentially “steal Christmas.”

I really love the soundtrack of this movie, since it takes the classic version and twists it to give it more of an upbeat, yet still festive, vibe. This modern classic definitely kept me laughing, especially with the Grinch’s pessimistic, yet comedic, attitude. I believe that the narration is actually quoting the book by Dr. Seuss, and the rhyming really captures the author’s whimsical style, making the movie and characters truly come to life.

Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

Christmas with the Kranks is about a middle-aged couple who decide to throw a neighborhood Christmas party to welcome their adult daughter back home who left the country to be with her new fiancé. However, the party planning has many bumps in the road.

I must admit that this classic is absolutely at the very top of my family’s list. The amount of comedy, family, and Christmas whimsy that they were able to incorporate into the film is incredible. Additionally, the cast made funny moments even more enjoyable! This is an absolute family favorite that people of most ages can enjoy happily during the Christmas season!

I had so much fun with sharing some of my favorite Christmas movies! As the year wraps up, we are planning on watching many more, and hopefully adding to this list!

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?

Have a beautiful day, everyone! 💖

The ABCs of Christmas — A Fun Christmas Tag, from A-Z | Blogmas Day 12

The ABCs of Christmas — A Fun Christmas Tag, from A-Z

-ajoyfulchristianteen ⭐

Hey everyone! I want to do something new called the ABCs of Christmas. Basically, this will be a tag where I try to find a word that begins with each letter of the alphabet. But the words that I choose must be related to Christmas.

I think I’ll find some pretty good words, but I’ll let you guys be the judges!

  • A – Angels (since angels were present during the Birth of Jesus)
  • B – Birthday (Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birthday)
  • C – Celebration
  • D – Decorations
  • E – Eating (I love eating a nice Christmas dinner)
  • F – Family
  • G – Giving (Christmas is not only about receiving gifts, but giving to others)
  • H – Holiday
  • I – Ice (most people experience lots of ice this time of year)
  • J – Joy
  • K – Kindness
  • L – Love
  • M – Music
  • N – Nutcracker (nutcrackers are very charming, and great Christmas gifts)
  • O – Ornaments
  • P – Peace
  • Q – Quiet (This one was hard, but sometimes we can have a good Christmas by simply sitting quietly in prayer and/or meditation)
  • R – Rudolph
  • S – Snow
  • T – Traditions
  • U – Ugly Sweater
  • V – Virgin Mary (Virgin Mary was the mother of Jesus)
  • W – Wreath
  • X – X’s and O’s (hugs and kisses)
  • Y – Yule log
  • Z – Zion (Zion translates to the “kingdom of heaven,” or the place where God dwells. Plus it’s part of my name, so I had to include it, lol)

Well, that was super fun to write! Take a vote down below from 1-10 how you think I did! Also, if you want a challenge, tell me what words you came up with for each letter!

Have a beautiful day, y’all! ⭐