I attempted to make TWO positive affirmation collage boards . . . ♡ [REPOST]

A/N~Hello, everyone! It’s Q’Zion here and welcome back to my blog. One of my favorite posts on my blog is the one where I show you all the process of how I created these two positive affirmation collage boards. Considering that a lot of students have gone back to school, or will be going soon, I know that there are many kids out there who are in need of some encouragement. Hopefully the positive messages on these collage boards will do just the trick. Enjoy this repost! ♡

I have completed about four craft kits by Creatology, all of which I purchased at Michaels, my favorite craft store. As my older followers probably know, I have fallen in love with the craft kits by this particular brand, and I make sure to buy a new one every time I get the chance. Approximately 2-3 days ago, me and Goodmommy saw some more cute Creatology kits right before we got to the registers.

The kit that ended up catching my eye was these two ADORABLE positive affirmation collage boards!

The way that this kit in particular differs from the other Creatology kits that I’ve purchased (and loved) is that it doesn’t include any paint. Instead, it has tissue paper and decorative stickers as the main mediums, which I was a little skeptical to work with for the first time, mainly because of the translucent paper. However, you’ll see later on that I was pleasantly surprised!

Least me say that this kit is LOADED with nice quality supplies. It even came with a ‘supplies included’ list on the back of the box. Overall, it provides 2 card stock boarders, 2 pieces of chipboard, 4 acetate sheets, 1 mirror sticker, 10 paper stickers, 3 glitter foam stickers, 2 colors of yarn, 35 adhesive gems, 180 pieces of tissue paper in a multitude of colors, and an Instruction sheet.

All I needed to complete the project that was not included was scissors and a glue stick, both of which were easily accessible.

Obviously, the kit gives you more than enough supplies, which I found really helpful, especially if you want to give your piece some extra details. I was even able to save some for a possible future project like this one.

The very first step was to add your multi-colored tissue paper in a mosaic design along one of the acetate sheets. I found this step really interesting, considering that you had to work with the rectangular shape, and the arrange the colors to get them to match the border color.

Considering that the one above was for the pink border, I tried to use more hot pink, yellow, and orange to make the color pop!

For the blue boarder, I used more blues, whites, and light pinks to give the piece a more mellow and relaxed feel, since that’s the emotion that I tend to associate with the shade of the blue boarder.

It’s really cool how the two color schemes of the collages have a different vibe about them, despite the fact that I used the exact same colors, LOL.

Afterwards, I glued the side of the acetate paper without the tissue paper on to a piece of chipboard. On top of the tissue-paper-covered acetate, I glued the card stock border of the desired color.

For the final step of assembly, I punched out the two holes at the top of the piece for my string.

After the assembly of each collage was complete, I added the positive affirmation stickers to each. For the pink, I used the 3D sparkly stickers. For the blue, I used the huge star mirror sticker. As the finishing touch, I applied the jewels along the cardstock boarders of each college. And voila! These two masterpieces were complete in only 120-150 minutes.

What can I say? I’m a fast learner! 😋💖🎨

I honestly don’t know what to say about these except that I AM IN LOVE!!! What I appreciate the most is the amount of short positive affirmation messages. Me and Goodmommy decided to hang them up in my room so that I can see them every morning and remember to believe in the princess that God has called me to be.

Every finishing detail was spot on, and I can’t wait for my next kit by Creatology! Each one is getting better and better! To see my other Creatology kit posts, please click HERE.

LET’S CHAT~Have you ever hand made a collage? If so, what did you use to make it (photographs, digital photos, newspaper, etc.)?

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everybody! May God bless every single one of you! Peace in! 💖

4 Quick and Fun Writing Activities To Seize Writer’s Block (Reblog)

Hey everyone! I’m back for another amazing post! If you are a writer like me, then you probably won’t be surprised that I find it boring when I write the same things over and over again. Writing is super fun, but like any other activity, working on the same thing too many times can cause you to become bored or even experience writer’s block. 

So, how do you get rid of the feeling of not knowing what to write next? Well, today I’m going to list some different writing exercises that you can do in order to rid writer’s block (or boredom) goodbye!

So, let’s get started!

  1. Pick a word and describe it. 

Although this idea is very random, I think that this is the goal when trying to find creative ideas. Try to pick a word, whether it inspires you, peeks your curiosity, or maybe even interests you, and write a paragraph about what the word means to you or how it has affected your values of life.

2. Write about what your pet would be like or look like if they were human. 

If you’ve ever had a pet, I’m sure you know that we love them and treat them like they’re people. However, have you ever thought about what they would be like if they were actually a person? How would they look? What would they like to do? Do you think you would like them, and vise-versa? These questions are amazing ways to improve your creative thinking and writing skills.

3. Write down some common opinions that you disagree with or some uncommon opinions that you agree with. 

There are a lot of cool theories and common (or uncommon) theories out there. Try listing some opinions that you may or may not agree with. This is a really good writing activity for when you’re bored. It will also be a great help if you want a creative activity to inspire your future writing projects!

4. Write a list ranking your favorite songs by your favorite artist. 

Do you have an artist that you absolutely adore? Even if you don’t listen to their music for a while, you always find yourself going back to their music? Well, if you do, try ranking your favorite songs by your favorite artist from most favorite to least favorite. This can be a great activity for music lovers, and it might even get you hooked to a really catchy tune…again, lol.

I hope these 4 Quick and Fun Writing Activities helped you get rid of your writer’s block. Finding fun and creative prompts to write about can help when you need to get those creative juices flowing. Writing is art, and like any other art project, the mistakes and quirks that you include in your writing can help you improve as a writer.

Have an amazing day everyone! 

5 Quirky Art Ideas for Summertime

Hey, y’all! Happy Happy Friday! ♡

I don’t know about all of you, but in the United States, summer break is now OFICIALLY in session. Now that many students have much more time on their hands than usual, it’s likely that you may have the urge to get a little artsy to celebrate the sunny season of summer.

If this is you, then you’ve come to the right place; here is a list of 5 quirky ideas for art activities to get you into the summer spirit. Let’s get this party started!

1. Origami Art

Recently, I’ve been getting into the hobby of origami, which I believe is the perfect activity for the summer. All it requires is a piece of paper. Origami boats and airplanes are the perfect way to make the most of a sunny day out with your family, and get crafty while doing it. And you know what could make it more fun– a race to see which plane or boat is the fastest! Especially if you have a family who loves some friendly competition.

2. A Photo a Day Collage Board

There’s this trend called “a photo a day” or something like that, where people document their summer by taking one photograph every day. A really great idea if you want an art project that contains many of your summer memories is to print each picture and combine them into one summer collage to go in your bedroom. Cute, right!?

3. Beach Landscape Painting

Landscape paintings are a super creative way to make the most of the beauty of every season. But since summer is a time of year with such vibrant, sunny colors, I also find it one of the best seasons to use as a painting reference. With any type of landscape painting, a good tip is to use a photo of the beach or other summer scene that you are trying to capture, and let that be your guide to making your masterpiece more detailed. After all, with summer break, we have all the time in the world!

4. Paint on Rocks and Seashells

Beaches are busier than ever in the summer time, and that means that seashells and rocks are likely to be lying around. Why not make some art with nature and paint your custom designs on the gems that lie in the sand. Not only is this really fun to do with family and friends, but they serve as awesome mementos of your sunny memories with those that you love.

5. Doodle on the Sidewalk with Chalk

People have been drawing with chalk for hundreds of years, and if you didn’t notice, it’s now making a huge comeback. I really like this idea, considering that you don’t need a bunch of supplies to do this, and it practically screams summer. Hours of doodling on the sidewalk is a perfect way to pass some extra time. Just remember to take a photo of your work, when you’re done; chalk doesn’t last forever!

Hopefully, you got lots of inspiration from these cute ideas to make your summer a little more artsy. I know that I’m going to have to do a lot of the items on this list this season, and I am very grateful that I was able to share them with you all.

LET’S CHAT~Do you have any art ideas for the summer? Feel free to share in the chat!

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everybody! See you next time! ♡

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️❣️❤️

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all are having or have had a beautiful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones! Me and Goodmommy had a wonderful time bonding today, and we hope that you all got a chance to, as well.

Since me and Goodmommy did quite a bit, this Valentine’s Day (and we took a photoshoot. Nothing new there ;)) It’s because of this that I decided to write a wrap up of where we went, what we ate, and what we did to celebrate this holiday of love. Enjoy! ❤️

We actually didn’t eat any breakfast before we left, this morning. Therefore, the first thing we did is stopped by at a restaurant to eat some lunch, or “brunch” in our case. For our appetizer, we ordered some creamy soup with dumplings. Ooh, and breadsticks. We can’t forget the breadsticks!

P.S. we didn’t really like the soup that you see above, so actually got a different one, instead. It was chilly-flavored with some type of beef inside. That one was pretty good. Great for dunking my breadsticks in.

Then, for our main course, we both had some classic lasagna. Goodmommy ordered extra cheese on hers. The best part of the meal without a doubt! We both took the leftovers home for dinner. It was even better after it sat for a while. But leftovers always taste better when you get home. It’s logic.

You guys already know me and Goodmommy can’t go anywhere together without taking a photoshoot. Inside and outside the restaurant we took a couple breaks to take a few selfies. I wore my hair in an afro today. I must admit, it turned out pretty cute. And by the way, we were totally twinning with our cute jumpsuits!

Next off, we decided to go shopping for some gifts (for each other) and an outfit for a special meeting that I have tomorrow. I won’t give y’all any spoilers about what that meeting is, though.

I had a really great time looking around. Although I’m not an out-of-the-house girl, shopping is one of the few things that may just get me outside, once and a while. But, it’s honestly surprising that so many Valentine’s gifts and decor were still in stock.

And here’s another photo of me (inside of Burlington) because you know that I’m a selfie queen.

And after about 20 minutes of browsing, we finally found it! The shirt for tomorrows ✨special occasion ✨. As soon as Goodmommy took it off the rack so I could see it clearly, I knew that this top was absolutely PERFECT.

After a quick trip to the grocery store, we were back home. But the fun isn’t over, yet. Here are a couple of Goodmommy’s Valentine’s day gifts. She bought the tulips for herself, but I wanted to buy her something too. Turns out, in the very front of Burlington were these adorable portable pink mugs with message “Too Blessed to be Stressed” inscribed on top. And before you know it, I had bought, not one, but two of them; one for Goodmommy and one for me.

Of course, I knew I got a matching mug with Goodmommy (the one you see above) but I was very pleasantly surprised to see a giftbag and a heart-shaped box on my desk when we returned home and I started my schoolwork.

Inside the giftbag was the phone case that she bought for me at Burlington and an additional mug with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” on top. It was actually a little ironic considering that I had already bought myself a mug. But hey, I’m not gonna complain. That just means I now have two new mugs, two hot chocolate mixes, and two new memories. We definitely won’t be having a mug shortage any time soon.

I also bought myself a 6 ft long charger for my phone and iPad. Not only because it’s convenient, but it’s hot pink, too! I took a picture of some of my items on my bed for an aesthetic touch.

Once I started doing my schoolwork, we had to do a paper art assignment using only black and white paper, so I came up with this. I absolutely love the design. It wasn’t what I was used to, but I’m very happy with the finished result. The color options really made the triangles stand out.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about how me and Goodmommy spent Valentine’s Day, and that you continue to have a day full of love, joy, peace, family, and happiness.

Have a beautiful, blessed and joyful day everyone! ❤️