It’s World Emoji Day! | 5 Fun Facts 🎉

People all over the world speak more languages than most people could imagine. Despite this, there is one language in particular that we call all understand: and that is the language of emojis! Whether I’m talking to my close family or my friends, emojis give us a way to communicate in a way that words can’t explain. They allow us to show our emotions through pictures, and capture our expressions straight through a screen.

Have you ever noticed that on Apple devices, the calendar emoji has the date July 17th marked on it? 📅

While the reason why this specific detail is in this emoji is unknown, it is the reason why July 17 is officially World Emoji Day. And with good reason, too. Emojis are some of the best ways to text, so it only makes sense that there’s a day to celebrate them.

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In order to celebrate this fun, special day, I will be sharing 5 fun facts about the history of emojis that you probably never knew until now. I hope you enjoy them!

1. “Emoji” actually means “picture character” (moji) in Japanese.

2. 92% of the population uses emojis everyday.

3. The first ever emoticon was actually posted in a paper by The New York Times in 1862 in a mistranslated copy of a speech by President Abraham Lincoln.

4. There are a total of over 3,000 emojis.

5. Emojis were first created by a Japanese artist in 1999, though it is uncertain who the true creator of emojis actually was (name, age, gender, etc.)

I hope you all enjoyed learning a few new things about the “picture characters” that we all know and love. Let me know in the comments if any of these fun facts surprised you. Also, what are your top 3 favorite emojis? I’d have to go with the sparkles ✨, Christian cross ✝️, and sparkling heart 💖 emojis.

What can I say? They’re easy classics.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everybody! See you next time! ♡

4 Quick and Fun Writing Activities To Seize Writer’s Block (Reblog)

Hey everyone! I’m back for another amazing post! If you are a writer like me, then you probably won’t be surprised that I find it boring when I write the same things over and over again. Writing is super fun, but like any other activity, working on the same thing too many times can cause you to become bored or even experience writer’s block. 

So, how do you get rid of the feeling of not knowing what to write next? Well, today I’m going to list some different writing exercises that you can do in order to rid writer’s block (or boredom) goodbye!

So, let’s get started!

  1. Pick a word and describe it. 

Although this idea is very random, I think that this is the goal when trying to find creative ideas. Try to pick a word, whether it inspires you, peeks your curiosity, or maybe even interests you, and write a paragraph about what the word means to you or how it has affected your values of life.

2. Write about what your pet would be like or look like if they were human. 

If you’ve ever had a pet, I’m sure you know that we love them and treat them like they’re people. However, have you ever thought about what they would be like if they were actually a person? How would they look? What would they like to do? Do you think you would like them, and vise-versa? These questions are amazing ways to improve your creative thinking and writing skills.

3. Write down some common opinions that you disagree with or some uncommon opinions that you agree with. 

There are a lot of cool theories and common (or uncommon) theories out there. Try listing some opinions that you may or may not agree with. This is a really good writing activity for when you’re bored. It will also be a great help if you want a creative activity to inspire your future writing projects!

4. Write a list ranking your favorite songs by your favorite artist. 

Do you have an artist that you absolutely adore? Even if you don’t listen to their music for a while, you always find yourself going back to their music? Well, if you do, try ranking your favorite songs by your favorite artist from most favorite to least favorite. This can be a great activity for music lovers, and it might even get you hooked to a really catchy tune…again, lol.

I hope these 4 Quick and Fun Writing Activities helped you get rid of your writer’s block. Finding fun and creative prompts to write about can help when you need to get those creative juices flowing. Writing is art, and like any other art project, the mistakes and quirks that you include in your writing can help you improve as a writer.

Have an amazing day everyone!