4 Creative Ways to Use Pumpkins

I have a question. When you think of fall, what fruit do you think of? I wouldn’t be surprised if you answer “pumpkins.” The truth is, pumpkins are classic fall symbols that have many creative uses. However, what are some creative ways that we can use pumpkins to spice things up a little? 🍂

Keep on reading to find out!

Paint on pumpkins.

Although we might not realize it, pumpkins can be great opportunities for creating arts and crafts. Maybe you could paint a cool design on your pumpkin and show it off to your loved ones. Not only will they be super festive, but also super creative.

Carve your pumpkins.

This has got to be one of the most classic pumpkin activities. Carve your pumpkin and create a unique face that displays your personality. Like painting on pumpkins, carving them also requires a lot of creativity. As well, it is an awesome tradition that you can do with your family every October!

Use pumpkins as decorations.

Pumpkins are a great way to add some fall colors to your home or any other fall event. Not only can you use average pumpkins as a form of decorations, but you can also spruce them up by painting them to add a little more personality. A great example is a vibrant centerpiece at a pumpkin potluck. So go ahead, fill your house with pumpkins until there’s no more room! Well…maybe not that much, lol.

Make amazing pumpkin dishes and desserts.

There is so much variety when it comes to what you can do with pumpkins in the kitchen. I really enjoy trying pumpkin recipes like pumpkin bread, pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream. To be honest, the possibilities are absolutely endless!

I hope you all enjoyed learning about the different ways that you can creatively use pumpkins. Really, they are awesome if you want to create something out of the box, and they can really help spruce up your decorations for the fall season. Remember that when working with pumpkins, it’s important to use your creativity to the fullest!

Have an amazing day everyone! 🍂

7 Exciting Fall Activities (Outdoors and Indoors) to Make the Most of the Season 🍂

Are you fawning over fall, this year? I don’t know about you, but I most definitely am. Fall, especially at night, is so nice and relaxing. Not only does fall have excellent weather, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to do some awesome activities both inside our homes and outside in nature. 🍂

So, let’s learn some things that we can do to make the most of the season!

1. Go to a pumpkin patch. 🍁

I’m sure most people have done this in the fall at least once in their lives. However, perhaps you haven’t. Whether or not this is the case, go to a pumpkin patch with your family and friends to pick out the perfect pumpkins. Later, you all can have a pumpkin carving contest. You can even display your wonderful creations on your porch or in you home, afterwards!

2. Take a hike. 🍂

As I stated before, the weather in fall is absolutely beautiful. So, let’s enjoy it. Take a nature walk or a hike so that you can see all that the fall has to offer. I went on a hike once, and it was super fun. It’s a great way to explore nature, bond with loved ones, and get some exercise! It doesn’t get much better than that!

3. Make apple themed desserts. 🍁

Wow…I need to ask my Goodmommy if we can get some apple pie, lol. 🍎

When most people think of the fall, they think of pumpkins. But, another amazing fruit to make fall-themed foods, is apples. You can make some apple pie, apple fritters, apple doughnuts…OMG!!! Why do I make myself hungry?😩

Anyway, cooking and baking with apples will surely fill you up inside…literally.

4. Watch a football game. 🍂

Guess what, y’all! It’s football season! 🏈 If you are a fan of football, watch a game, whether on TV or in person, and watch your favorite team do their thing. Whatever way you watch, just remember to stay safe!

5. Do the Bean Boozed Challenge! 🍁

Let’s face it, candy is pretty much a tradition in the fall, especially October. To be honest, I celebrate just about all holidays with it. Me and my Goodmommy (grandmother) did this challenge a few years ago, and it was so much fun!

In this challenge, you spin a wheel that explains what jellybean you will have to eat. Each jellybean has two versions (meaning that they look the same, but they have two different flavors, one good and one bad.) you must take a jellybean that looks the same as the one on the wheel, and when you eat it, you will tell if the jellybean is good or bad.

Just make sure you don’t eat too much.

6. Write a list of things that you are thankful for. 🍂

I’m sure that we’ve all had that elementary school activity where we had to do exactly this. However, just because we grew up doesn’t mean that we can’t do this now. Besides Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Write down a list of all of the things that you are grateful for. On Thanksgiving, you could even read your list to your family!

7. Go to a fall festival. 🍁

I admit that I absolutely love going to fairs and festivals. Go to a fall festival near you, and try some fun fall activities like apple bobbing, potato sack races, and taking pictures with a cool backdrop.

I hope you all enjoyed this list of awesome activities that you can do in the fall. Remember, if you do decide to celebrate the season outside of your home, staying safe is always best!

Have a wonderful fall, y’all! 🍂

It’s Fall, Y’all! 3 Ways to Celebrate the Season of Fall!

Brown, orange, and yellow leaves falling from the trees, and pretty pleasant weather. What season is it? Fall! There’s an endless list of things that I love about this season. The nature and the weather is so beautiful around this time of year. Besides, it’s a great time to do so many exciting activities and bond with your family, in the process! 🍂

To celebrate this wonderful time of year, I’m going to share some Exciting Ways to Celebrate the Vibrate Season of Fall! So, come on! Join in the fun!

  1. Create Thanksgiving-themed crafts! 🍂

I remember how, in elementary school, I would create turkey and leaf crafts, coloring with fall-colored crayons. Making fall or Thanksgiving themed crafts can be an awesome way to really get into the fall spirit. If you do want to get creative, invite your family and friends to join you, as well! Besides, the more the merrier!

2. Decorate your house 🍂

Like Christmas, Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to make your house a lot more festive! If this is your goal, try to buy (or make) fall inspired decorations to spruce up your home! If you aren’t the type of person who likes extravagant decorations, it might be a good idea to put a fall inspired reef on your door! Although this decoration is simple, it can really add some charm to your front porch.

3. Play with the leaves! 🍂

Sometimes, it may be a little boring when raking leaves that have fallen in your backyard. However, I believe that there is a way to make this a lot more fun! Make “leaf angels,” hills, and maybe even a sculpture out of the leaves with your parents, friends, and/or siblings. And here’s the best part: you can jump in the leaves when you’re finished! This is an extremely fun activity for people or families who don’t mind getting a little dirty. Just remember that you’ll all have to rake up the leaves after you’ve had your fun, lol!

I hope you all have an amazing time celebrating fall with your families! If you decide to do anything fun or special, for this season and/or holiday, feel free to comment your experiences down in the comments!

Have a joyful and peaceful day, everyone! Peace! 🍂