It’s National Siblings Day | Best Friends for Life

Siblings are some of the first best friends that you’ll ever have. They are always with you, they light up your life with laughter and joy, and they always have your back. Brotherhood and Sisterhood are some of the most special bonds to have. You can grow up together and make memories that last a lifetime. Siblings are a blessing from God.

Today is National Siblings Day, which gives me and everyone else who has a sibling(s) to show our thanks to some of the most important people in our lives. Sure, we may not always agree. We might not even act or think alike. But at the end of the day, the way our siblings are different from us are part of what make them special. Plus, we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ.

In celebration of siblings around the world, I have provided two poems (not written by me) about brothers and sisters. Feel free to send one or both of them to your sibling(s) as a way of showing them how much you care.

I hope that you all had a Happy Siblings Day! Ooh, and I cant forget~today’s question of the day is: Do you have any siblings? If you do, what’s your favorite thing to do with them? Feel free to comment down below.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everybody! See you next time!

When was the last time you told your family ‘I love you’?

In my home, we tell each other ‘I love you’ multiple times a day. In the morning when we wake up, throughout the day and before we go to sleep. And by family I don’t necessarily ONLY mean people that are blood related–I mean the people who love us, care about our well being, and are present in our lives.

We all have people who are constantly supporting us through it all, and those are the same people who deserve an ‘I love you’ for their contributions in our lives.

To be honest, I believe ‘I love you’ should be spoken as well as showed through actions. The words are extremely colorful in the sense that they can be said (or shown) in more ways than one. And these are some examples:

  • give them a hug
  • treat them to breakfast in bed (only if you are 16 or older and/or your parents allow you to cook unattended)
  • be patient and listen more
  • leave a motivational note
  • spend quality time
  • let someone else choose what movie to watch or game to play during family time
  • say ‘I love you’–that’s probably the simplest, of all of these ideas LOL

Showing our family that we care about them isn’t hard~all it takes is a simple ‘I love you’ and a few actions to show it, here and there. Out of all the people in the world, it’s those who love us the most who need to know that we appreciate them. Don’t forget; the next second, the next minute, the next hour, nor the next day on this Earth are promised for ANYONE.

Therefore, make the most of every day, and never let a day go by without telling your loved ones ‘I love you.’

Have a beautiful day, everybody! God blessed you all! ✨