My FIRST time drawing a still life…

Happy Saturday! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you might be aware that I shared what I got for Christmas of 2021 (post link here). To be honest, there are still a couple of items that I hadn’t used, at this point, so I wanted to change that, today.

One of my favorite gifts from last year was this “Drawing Techniques” art kit. Inside it provides a book of instructions about different types of pencils, focal points, lighting, shading, value, and the list goes on.

It also gives step-by-step instructions for how you can draw realistic portraits that vary from fruit to flowers to animals to people. It also includes a variety of pencils, a kneaded eraser, a sketchbook, a fineliner, charcoals, and more! As soon as I opened this gift from the wrapping paper, I knew that I would definitely put it to good use.

Suddenly it dawned on me that it’s already February and I haven’t completed any of the sketch tutorials. So today, I reviewed the tools, materials, and basics at the beginning of the book, and moved on to the first drawing section: still lifes.

The beginning still life was one apple in 3 different positions. I had never drew a still life before (aside from 3D shapes for math class) so I thought this would be a great way to practice my ability to create realism in my work.

So, here is the basic sketch. It was very interesting to use 3 different pencils (you will see the different shades of pencil in the finished product) to create dimension and make the apples look like they are round.

Afterwards, I followed the guide in the instruction manual (basically the images) and started shading in the apples to add a little more depth. I must admit that it was a little tricky to draw 3D objects on a 2D surface, but it was a challenge that I quite enjoyed.

And voilà—here is my finished product. I must admit, I think I did a pretty good job for my first time ever drawing a still life. If this post gets enough likes (I’ll say at least 3-5) then I think I’ll makes my products from this art kit—and maybe even some personal projects—for you all to view. Please follow me if you’d like to see more of my art in the future.

Question of the Day: Have you ever photographed, painted, or drew a still life? If so, did you like the experience? Please comment down below.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a beautiful and blessed day, y’all! ✨

Pearls are ALWAYS Appropriate

Pearls are ALWAYS Appropriate

-ajoyfulchristianteen 🤍

What is fashion without the jewelry? Accessories are beautiful tools to help enhance our inner and outer beauty, and that includes what we wear.

While all types of gems can be just as becoming, there is one in particular that simply CANNOT be replaced! Pearls! And since today is National Wear Your Pearls Day, there’s no better time to discuss these delicate beauties!

Pearls are a symbol of wisdom, good fortune, femininity, long life, and elegance. Basically, all the good stuff in a nutshell…or an oyster, in this case, lol.

What I love about pearls is that they can go with absolutely anything, from a fancy prom dress to a simple tee with jeans. They never go out of style, and are a classic edition to any outfit!

Pearls are unique for many more reasons then their delicate appearances. They are the only gems known to men that come from living organisms. Not to mention that natural pearls are one of the most rare jewels in the world!

Fact Pearl-fection

For more information about pearls, here are a few interesting articles!

I hope you all enjoy some of your pearls today, and/or blessed someone else with some. Jewelry allows us to express ourselves and our unique style. So never be afraid to rock some pearls!

Have a beautiful, blessed day, everyone! ✨

16 Ideas on What to Write on Your Christmas Cards | Blogmas Day 7

16 Ideas on What to Write on Your Christmas Cards

-ajoyfulchristianteen 🌟

Isn’t it so exciting to receive Christmas cards from your family and friends? To think that they took the time to write us a card and wish us a Merry Christmas is a gift within itself. Sending a small card can spread a lot of joy, and we often find ourselves doing so when winter comes around.

When we think about what we want to write on our Christmas cards, we might want something witty, funny, or heartfelt that will leave a memorable impression on our loved ones. But, the words don’t always flow together.

Here’s a list of some messages that you can incorporate in your Christmas cards to help make your loved ones’ Christmas merry! 🌟

Make a Funny, or Corny Joke/Pun

Laughter is one of the greatest medicines. If you want to make your loved one chuckle, especially if they’ve been down in the dumps, write a corny or funny joke inside your Christmas card to put a smile on their face. Depending on the joke that you choose, they could either laugh out loud or facepalm with embarrassment. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

1. What do you call a laughing Christmas cookie? A snickerdoodle.

2. I’m s-mitten with you.

3. I went outside with a T-shirt and denim shorts. When my friend told me it was too cold, I replied, “I don’t snow what you’re talking about!”

Speak from the Heart

If you can’t think of anything super witty, just say something from your heart. Inside of your card, tell your family member or friend how much you appreciate them, or what you love most about them. A simple note to tell them that you love them will likely be greatly cherished.

4. Thanks for sticking by my side when things got tough, this year. Have a Merry Christmas!

5. You light up my life like Christmas lights do a house.

6. I hope that this Christmas season brings happiness, love, joy, and peace to your home.

Spread the Love of God with a Religious Message

Chances are, if you do practice a religion, some of your close loved ones do, as well. We can all use a reminder of the true reason for the season. Spreading the love of God is a blessing that should be shared!

7. May Christ be with you during this wonderful Christmas season.

8. I pray that you and your family are blessed with peaceful spirits as you come together to celebrate the greatest gift of all: God’s love.

9. Let’s rejoice, for the birth of Jesus has saved us all!

Aim to Inspire

While for a lot of people, Christmas is a happy time of year, it can be very emotionally challenging, for others. If you know someone who is going through the blues, write something that will inspire them, and put a little hope in their hearts.

10. Every struggle is just a tunnel. Some are longer than others, but there is always a light at the end.

11. Seasons pass. We usually like some more than others. But if we are strong enough to endure our seasons, we will see how they have made us stronger.

12. Perfect is underrated, but self confidence is always in style!

Keep It Classy

Maybe you want to give a Christmas card to someone who you don’t know very well. It might be a co-worker or other acquaintance who you see from time to time. In these cases, you might just want a simple, yet sweet message to wish them a Merry Christmas.

13. May your Christmas be merry and bright!

14. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

15. Our family wishes you love, joy and peace … today, tomorrow and always,

16. I hope that you and your family witness many miracles and continue moving forward with hope this Christmas season.

I had a lot of fun sharing some ideas on what you can write in your Christmas cards this year! Remember that the message doesn’t have to be super long or extravagant. The simple fact that you took the time to send someone a Christmas card is what counts, and I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated!

Have a blessed day, everyone! Remember that God is good all the time! 🌟

Happy World Kindness Day! – 2021

Hey, kind people. You might have already heard of this, but today is World Kindness Day of 2021! Although kindness is important every day of the year, World Kindness Day is a reminder of how important kindness truly is.

Kindness is being compassionate towards someone by choice. You can be kind to yourself and others, both of which are equally important! However, being kind to others will bring you joy, too, as you get to see that positive difference that you have made in their lives!

I hope you all enjoyed my digital drawing that I created specifically for World Kindness Day!

Blog Posts About Kindness

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Remember that kindness is a blessing. If anyone has been kind to you, kindly say, “Thank You!”

1 Corinthians 14:4-8 –

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

5 Simple and Fun Drawing Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

5 Simple and Fun Drawing Ideas to Spark Your Creativity

-ajoyfulchristianteen ✨

Hey everyone! If you’re a fellow artist like me, you probably have experienced a time where you drew something, and then erased it like 100 times. We often try to draw something specific, and then it doesn’t turn out like we planned.

To prevent us from using up all of our erasers, here are some Simple and Easy Drawing Activities to Spark Your Activity! I challenge you to complete these activities with a pen! Why, you may ask? Because you can’t erase pen, therefore giving you the opportunity to appreciate your art as it comes out, instead of striving for “perfection.”

So, let’s get started!

Draw what you would look like as an animal.

I know, this one is out there. We all have our different personality traits that make us special. However, it might be a challenge to transport these traits into an animal that represents who we are. Maybe you can already think of an animal that has a similar personality, or perhaps you want to create a brand new one! Either way, make sure to think out of the box with this activity. Really picture yourself in animal form.

Zentangle; create a plain square and fill it with random shapes and patterns.

Above is an example of the fun drawing exercise that I learned in art class today: zentangling.

If you don’t know that zentangling is, it is when you fill a square with random and unique patterns to create a unique result, as shown above. There are many methods that you can use to zentangle, but here are the steps that I followed;

  1. Create a square (it doesn’t have to be perfect.)
  2. Put a dot along each corner of the square.
  3. Connect the dots using the lines of your choice; straight, zigzag, curly, etc.
  4. Draw a line within the frame, as if a string fell onto the paper.
  5. Fill in each section with unique patterns of your choice. Use your creativity!

Illustrate a scene from your favorite book.

Let’s face it, we all have that part in our favorite book that causes us to think about how it would look illustrated. Use the descriptions, feelings, and setting used to describe the scene in order to create an illustration of the event. Afterwards, read the section of the book over, and look back at your drawing. How did you use the story to guide your piece of art?

Draw what you had for lunch.

If you are aiming to make your drawings more realistic, starting with food, especially foods that are simple shapes, like fruit, is a fantastic option. Take a photograph of your lunch, and use the picture to create a realistic or abstract version of your meal. As you keep practicing drawing real, three dimensional items, it will become easier to draw objects besides food, like people, in the future.

Draw your name with your non-dominant hand.

Believe it or not, once you do anything with your non-dominant hand, your brain picks up on it. Practice drawing your name and other simple objects with your non-dominant hand. Of course, the result may not be perfect, but it is a great exercise to help you appreciate your artwork for what it is. This isn’t even including the fact that this exercise can help you become ambidextrous, which is awesome!

I hope you all enjoyed these 5 Simple and Fun Drawing Ideas to Spark Your Creativity! Remember that when drawing, perfection goes out of the window. All we need is a little creativity and patience, and we will begin to see the beauty in the wonderful art that we create!

Have an amazing day, everyone! ✨

4 Creative Ways to Use Pumpkins

I have a question. When you think of fall, what fruit do you think of? I wouldn’t be surprised if you answer “pumpkins.” The truth is, pumpkins are classic fall symbols that have many creative uses. However, what are some creative ways that we can use pumpkins to spice things up a little? 🍂

Keep on reading to find out!

Paint on pumpkins.

Although we might not realize it, pumpkins can be great opportunities for creating arts and crafts. Maybe you could paint a cool design on your pumpkin and show it off to your loved ones. Not only will they be super festive, but also super creative.

Carve your pumpkins.

This has got to be one of the most classic pumpkin activities. Carve your pumpkin and create a unique face that displays your personality. Like painting on pumpkins, carving them also requires a lot of creativity. As well, it is an awesome tradition that you can do with your family every October!

Use pumpkins as decorations.

Pumpkins are a great way to add some fall colors to your home or any other fall event. Not only can you use average pumpkins as a form of decorations, but you can also spruce them up by painting them to add a little more personality. A great example is a vibrant centerpiece at a pumpkin potluck. So go ahead, fill your house with pumpkins until there’s no more room! Well…maybe not that much, lol.

Make amazing pumpkin dishes and desserts.

There is so much variety when it comes to what you can do with pumpkins in the kitchen. I really enjoy trying pumpkin recipes like pumpkin bread, pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream. To be honest, the possibilities are absolutely endless!

I hope you all enjoyed learning about the different ways that you can creatively use pumpkins. Really, they are awesome if you want to create something out of the box, and they can really help spruce up your decorations for the fall season. Remember that when working with pumpkins, it’s important to use your creativity to the fullest!

Have an amazing day everyone! 🍂

3 Ways to Get Artistically Inspired

We might not always notice it, but, art is all around us. Pictures or posters on the wall, clothing, and even everyday objects are all types of art that we experience all the time. That’s right! Even if an object isn’t made of what we call “art supplies,” it can still be considered a work of art!

However, actually creating a piece of art can be hard, sometimes. There are several things that some of us think about before we start to create something. What should I paint? What materials will I use to make the painting? What colors will I use?

Because it can be challenging when trying to make a piece of artwork, I think that it’s a great time to share 3 Ways to Get Artistically Inspired! Because, no matter what we are doing, we all need to get inspired, sometimes.

1. Look at other artwork.

If there’s an artist that you look up to, try looking on Google or maybe even going to a museum, and take a look at their art. Don’t try to copy it, but you can use it to inspire your own work. This way, you can respect the legacy of the artist(s) you love, and create your own style of art, as a result!

2. Examine everyday objects.

Art comes in many forms, some of which are everyday objects. Try looking around your home, and find objects that you can either duplicate or utilize to create something completely unheard of! Making art gives you a chance to use lots of creativity!

3. Don’t think about it. Just go with the flow! ✨

Sometimes, the reason why we can’t make anything that we’re actually proud of is because we overthink everything! Try creating something without really thinking about all of the little elements you put into it. Just gather all of your supplies, and get started with creating something absolutely spectacular!

Art can be super fun to make, and there are many more ways to get and/or stay inspired! Do creative things or just observe, and I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration (and motivation) to make some awesome art!

Bye y’all! Have an awesome day! ✨

6 Creative Objects to Paint On (Besides Paper)

Happy #FundaySunday, everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! If you have been following my blog for a while, you might know that I enjoy writing about artistic and creative topics. Besides, drawing and painting are some of my favorite activities! ✨

So, to get your creative juices flowing, I thought that it would be a really cool idea to share 6 Creative Objects To Paint On. So, if you are ever in need of a project to quinche your boredom, or you just want to make a new decoration to go in your room, then this is for you.

Disclaimer: I got a lot of these ideas from the fantastic YouTuber Moriah Elizabeth. She provides many funny and cool videos where she often paints on things that you probably wouldn’t ever imagine! I would definitely recommend her channel to fellow art lovers.

Also, make sure that you always have permission from your parent or guardian before doing any type of art project using paint. ✨

So, let’s get started!

  1. Paint pallets

I’m sure that most of us know paint pallets as containers that we use to hold paint while doing a project. However, have you ever thought of actually painting on them? I’ve seen many Youtubers and artists try this, and I have to admit, although the shape can be a little difficult to work with, the finishing products look super awesome, especially if you are looking for something out of the box!

2. Sticks

I know, out of all the things that you could paint on, I picked sticks. However, these natural resources can make very pretty wall art or decorations when a nice design is added to or made out of them. Just remember that if you do this, don’t break a stick off of a tree, but find one that is already detached and on the ground. In fact, if you don’t mind spending the money, you can even buy some at a store. If you try this, I believe that you will appreciate this work of art!

3. Seashells

Personally, I have always believed that seashells are very beautiful, painted or not. I don’t know if it’s their variety in shapes, or their gorgeous colors, but they are definitely amazing pieces of art. And the best thing is, like sticks, you can find them in nature! Seashells are another natural alternative for an art project! Just…don’t take one with a crab living inside, lol.

4. Clothing

Do you have any plain or solid-color clothing that you wish had a design, or something to make it look a little more creative? Well, why not just paint them?!? Putting a little of your unique spin on your clothes can help it feel a lot more personalized. It can also give plain clothes some life, so that they’re a lot less boring! By the way, this would probably be done best with fabric paint. :>

5. Paintbrushes

Very similar to paint palettes, paintbrushes are usually tools that we use to help us make a painting. However, they can also serve as great decorations in an art studio! By painting the handle of a wooden paintbrush, they make for really beautiful decorations or art tools, if you still want to use them, afterwards!

6. Rocks

What I love about using rocks in art projects is that, similar to seashells, you can use their shapes to inspire you and your design. Considering that I have painted on a rock, several times, before, I definitely recommend this activity to anyone who enjoys a challenging and fun art project.

Okay, everyone! I really hope that you got some art inspiration from these 6 Creative Objects to Paint On (Besides Paper). Sometimes, being an artist means doing things that are outside of the box. All of these examples are opportunities to do that!

Also, here is a link to Moriah Elizabeth’s YouTube Channel if you’d like to check it out!

Have an artistic, creative, and healthy day, everyone! ✨

5 Things to Do When You’re Bored (at Home)

What’s up, my amazing audience! I just wanted to thank all of your support! I really appreciate all that you do to help my website grow. It really means so much to me, and I just wanted to take some time to show you my appreciation! ✨

Okay, so has there ever been a time that you didn’t know what to do? I mean, you knew you wanted to do something, but every activity that went across your mind sounded like a snooze fest. Well, folks, that means that you were bored.

I mean, it’s completely normal. Everyone has been bored at least once in their life. Especially during COVID, since we all have to stay at home. It’s because of this that I wanted to talk to you guys about some things that you can do when you are bored. Besides, no one wants to stare at their ceiling all day.

So, let’s get into it!

  1. Start your own journal.

Creating a diary or a journal is a great way to document your life and share your feelings without having to tell anyone else about your deepest secrets. It is also a great way to spend your time. I mean, if you have a fun activity to do, that allows you to make memories and improve your writing skills, then why not go for it?

2. Read a book.

If you are like me, and you love to read, or you are just trying to read more, venturing into a great story can be a great way to kill some time. It’s a fun and educational activity. Plus, I’m sure your parent(s) will be pleased when they see you diving into a great new novel.

3. Try making something. ✨

Whether it’s making a bracelet, a gift for family or a friend, or maybe even your own game, using your creativity to make something new can be really fun! Being creative gives you a chance to think out of the box, and you never know, you might be able to make your own product one day!

4. Take a nap.

If I have nothing else to do, there’s almost nothing that I love more then taking a nice, long nap. For one, it’s a great way to spend your time after a long day. And, when you wake up, you feel super refreshed and full of energy! Believe me, when what seems like all else fails to quench your boredom, a nap is a great way to go!

5. Give each of your family members a kiss and/or hug.

Trust me, the saying that ‘actions speak louder than words’ is true, in most instances. Just by giving your family members or friends a short hug can make them feel really special. If there’s nothing else that you can think of to spend your time, then why not show the ones you love how much they mean to you?

Okay, everyone! I really hope that you enjoyed those 5 Things to Do When You’re Bored. Finding things to do can be hard, sometimes. So, I hope that with these tips, you will never be bored again (or…at least not as much.) 😀

Have an amazing, loving, and one-of-a-kind day, amazing people! ✨

5 Tips on How to be Stylish and Modest

How are you doing, my beautiful audience? It’s me, Princess Q’Zion, back with another fabulous post! ✨

Today, I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite topics: fashion! I literally love talking about how we can make our outfits trendy and fabulous. Especially with the help of accessories.

I know that there are a lot of stereotypes that being a Christian means that you cannot be stylish. Well, I want to clear this up right now. That is not true, at all.

In fact, I wanted to show you guys how you can dress in style, without having to show too much skin. And guess what. You don’t have to be religious to do it! ✨

So, are y’all ready to see the modest and stylish side of fashion? Yep? Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Wear clothes that match and/or compliment your body type.

Instead of wearing tight-fitting clothes, such as revealing crop-tops, or trying to follow popular trends that only last for a week at a time, find long-lasting clothes that compliment your body and style. It’s a great way to stay stylish and modest, without breaking the bank. As long as you feel great in your clothes, then who cares about something as unimportant as trends?

Tip #2: Wear bright and beautiful colors to make your outfits pop!

What’s the best way to make an outfit stand out? Colors! Whether you use a bright red jacket or a pair of purple pumps, a colorful addition to your outfit can make them feel classy and tasteful. Just remember this: a little bit of color goes a long way!

Tip #3: Try to buy stylish cover-ups.

Think that your off-the-shoulder dress is a little too revealing? Try rocking a stylish jean jacket, a cardigan, or a sweater to cover up a little. Cover-ups such as the examples listed are a great way to prevent showing too much skin, without making it look forced. Let’s just call them natural and stylish accessories! ✨

Tip #4: Try a cute new romper or pantsuit.

Would you like an outfit that enhances your body shape, but still modest? Well, a romper is the perfect alternative. It might be hard to believe, but rompers are actually becoming more popular these days. Besides, you have to admit. They are pretty cute!

Tip #5: Rock crop tops with high-waisted bottoms.

I have to admit. Even I enjoy wearing a cute crop top every once and a while. I mean, they’re adorbs, right? However, when I do, I always wear some high-waisted jeans or leggings to pair with them. This is a great modest replacement, especially for people like me, who love the look of a good crop top.

Alright, everyone! I had a lot of fun today sharing five tips on how you can be modest and stylish, no matter the occasion. Don’t forget: whether you are religious or not, you don’t have to show a lot of skin to be beautiful, handsome, or attractive. Good fashion is good fashion.

Have an amazing, fabulous, and fashionable day, beautiful people!