What I Got for Christmas – Christmas 2021🎄| Blogmas Day 19

What I Got for Christmas — Christmas 2021

-ajoyfulChristianteen 🎁

Although Christmas is over, what I love about my favorite holiday is that the gifts are long lasting! Today, I will be sharing all of the gifts (item wise, at least) that I received for Christmas! Most of these are gifts from my Goodmommy (grandmother), but towards the end, I will show some additional presents from other family members. I hope you all had a great time with your family, this Christmas! Enjoy!

Gift #1 – Thunder Tumbler remote control car

This is actually the first present that I opened, during the AMs of Christmas morning. It caught my eye due to it’s unique shape compared to the other gifts. I was super happy to see a red car with a wireless remote control! I hadn’t had one of these since about 9 years old, so to get one for Christmas was a very pleasant surprise. And it drives really great, too!

Gift #2 – Create this Book

I colored the front myself (with Posca Pens.) What do you think?

Create This Book is very similar to ‘Wreck This Journal’, where each page has a prompt or theme that you then have to use to customize each page. I love how you can customize the front cover, and the themes are very unique for both beginner and pro artists! It was written by one of my favorite YouTubers, Moriah Elizabeth. I think she did a fantastic job with making the whole thing a relaxing, creative, and exciting experience.

Gift #3 – Drawing Techniques — Art Maker

I’ve always loved to draw, and right before Winter Break, my Visual Art class required us to start doing portraits, both realistic and abstract. This art kit provides a guide on popular art techniques, as well as in-depth art lessons on how to draw realistic still lifes, portraits, landscapes, and wildlife. I think it will help me improve my art skills tremendously, and the book is extremely detailed, making it great for beginners.

Gift #4 – Art supplies!

A lot of the art supplies that I got for Christmas is Moriah Elizabeth’s frequently used materials in her videos. That includes Posca Pens, fade resistant paint pens that are very bright and bold (beautiful presentation), as well as Matt Mod Podge to seal the artwork in my Create This Book. I also got some colored pens, which I love to use on multiple occasions (planners, journaling, school notes, etc.)

Gift #5 – 2-piece winter tracksuit

Before this Christmas, I had two cute winter tracksuits with a warm, fuzzy sweatshirt and matching pants to go with them. I find them super comfortable and stylish, perfect for the winter time. Since I love these sets so much, this black 2-piece with hot pink highlights really put a smile on my face. The lips on the top are absolutely gorgeous and add a beautiful pop of color. Goodmommy knows me so well, and I am so thankful to God!

Gift #6 – 3 colorful winter scarves

Although I don’t get winters that are very cold like most people, I only had one scarf in my closet, and I had been wanting to increase my collection for a little bit of variation when it comes to matching my outfits. I was given three beautiful scarves that I love dearly! The unique colors really suit my personal style. These accessories are perfect for cold winter days.

Gift #7 – Gorgeous multi-color top

I mean…what’s to dislike? I am absolutely loving this top! It’s colorful, creative, unique, and it has the message “Living my Blessed LIFE.” When I saw this shirt on Christmas morning, I knew that I was going to show it off the very next time I got out of the house!

Gift #8 – 2022 planner

Come on now, who doesn’t love a good planner for Christmas? During school, I have lots of live classes, appointments, and club meetings, so planners are very helpful for keeping track of my schedule. Plus, it’s super cute! You can never have to much glitter.

Gift #9 – Pretty pink comforter

Currently, I have a Shopkins comforter on my bed. While it’s very comfortable, the design is based off of a toy brand that I loved…in first grade. While I love the colors, I wanted an upgrade to match me now. My Goodmommy was kind enough to get me this beautiful pink comforter. Although it hasn’t arrived yet, therefore this is not my room, it will still be one of my Christmas gifts. I love it already!

Gift #10 – Pandora Keys of Love Charm

This is definitely one of my favorite presents. It’s a beautiful Pandora charm with 4 jeweled silver keys, each one showcasing a letter, all of which spell out the word “LOVE.” Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a great new addition to my Pandora bracelet and the first charm that I received on my birthday, this year.

Gift #11 – Extras! Fun items from more family!

All of the gifts above were from Goodmommy (and the Lord, of course.) I was given these by some of the additional members of my family: my great grandmother and one of my cousins. I received a whole bag of additional presents, including some new lip gels, a 300-piece puzzle, some body lotion, a decorative blanket, and two gift cards (one for Chick-fil-a and the other for Walmart.) I made sure to ask Goodmommy to tell them thank you as soon as she told me about it. Family is so important!

I really appreciate that all of my Christmas gifts will be long lasting, and well-loved for years to come. I thank God for every gift that I recieved this Christmas, not only the physical gifts, but for spiritual and mental peace, as well as a blessed life. These are presents that simply can’t be replaced, no matter what gifts we get.

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Have a beautiful day, everyone! 🎁

What did you get for Christmas? Comment down below!

My 2021 Christmas Tree | Blogmas Day 3

Christmas is a holiday centered around the birth of Jesus. It’s also a time for family, love, good food, and the appreciation for what you have (which should be every day). In my opinion, another one of the many jewels of Christmas is the festive decorations, specifically the Christmas tree.

One of the first decorations that me and Goodmommy set up in our home in December is our Christmas tree. It’s a tradition that the whole family can participate in, and it’s super satisfying to watch those colorful lights shine throughout our home.

If we have a Christmas tree, we must remember to be thankful that we were able to get one, real or artificial, large or small, because there are some people and families out there who simply can’t afford one, especially due to the financial poverty caused by the pandemic.

Today, I wanted to show you all me and Goodmommy’s Christmas tree for 2021!

I must admit, I’m super happy with how it came out, and every day, my love for the Lord and Christmas gets stronger and stronger!

Please tell us if you’ve set up and/or gotten your Christmas tree yet, and if so, what does it look like?

Have a blessed day, everyone! 🎄

The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List — 35 Fun Things to Do When it’s Too Cold Outside | Blogmas Day 2

The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List — 35 Things to Do When It’s Too Cold Outisde

-ajoyfulchristianteen 🍬

Winter is almost here, and chances are it’s getting a little chilly outside. Don’t get me wrong, some people really like cold weather, but others…let’s just say it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If this is the case, you might be wondering what fun things you can do when it’s just too cold to go outside, but everything that you think of sounds too boring.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Go ahead and get some ideas with this Ultimate Christmas Bucket List ! 🍬

  • Have a family game night.
  • Binge watch your favorite classic Christmas movies.
  • Put up your Christmas tree.
  • Take selfies, pick your favorite one, and then try to paint it.
  • Write a book.
  • Do some yoga.
  • Read a book that you haven’t read before.
  • Make a cover of your favorite song.
  • Drink some hot chocolate.
  • Create your own dance.
  • Build a fort.
  • Make a paper snowflake.
  • Start shopping for Christmas and upcoming birthdays online.
  • Make a Christmas ornament or topper.
  • Play “eye spy” with objects outside of your bedroom window.
  • Indulge in your favorite Christmas dessert.
  • Make jewelry with rubber bands.
  • Write inspirational messages on sticky notes and put them up in your room.
  • Print out your favorite pictures on your phone and frame them.
  • Try to learn a new language.
  • Draw your own comic.
  • Decorate sugar cookies.
  • Write a letter to tell someone “Merry Christmas” or “I love you!”
  • Enjoy a pleasantly scented candle.
  • Complete an 1oo or 500 piece puzzle.
  • Have an indoor family Christmas fashion show.
  • Look in the mirror and say “I’m beautiful.”
  • Write a Christmas song.
  • Have a sing along with your friends.
  • Do an aloe vera face mask.
  • Take a virtual art class.
  • Sit quietly by the fireplace.
  • Go to a museum.
  • Knit your own blanket.
  • Put Christmas decorations around your home.

Hopefully, you now have some great ideas for how to spend your time as winter begins to say “Hello!” Whatever you choose to do while it’s too chilly to go outside, make sure that you are making the most of the amazing holiday of Christmas!

Have a beautiful day! 🍬