8 Exciting Ways to Spend Your Spring Break

For most of us students, spring break is in session! Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and colors are peeking through every nook and cranny of nature. But, besides the fact that we’re glad that we get a break from school, it can be dawning to figure out some exciting things to do with our family and friends to truly enjoy it.

Hence, here are 8 bloomazing ways to make your spring break one to remember for a lifetime!

Go to a Festival/Amusement Park

Spring offers the perfect weather for walking around, riding on rollercoasters, and eating fried foods. These are only some of the reasons why spring break is the perfect opportunity to give your favorite amusement park, or even a festival (such as the Strawberry Festival) a visit. Theme parks and fairs will bring smiles to your whole family.

Plant a Tree or Start Gardening

One of the best parts about this time of year is the beauty of nature all around us. We shouldn’t take this opportunity lightly; why not start gardening or plant a tree in your backyard? Not only are you giving back to your environment, but gardening can be a great way to maintain mental wellness and bond with those who we love. It’s a win-win!

Read Something New

If you have a reading goal or you just want to read more, this is a perfect opportunity to read a book; whether its one that you have been working on or have been wanting to read for a while. Books are a great way to give yourself some entertainment and learn a positive life lesson in the process.

Take a Hike

One of the best parts of spring is getting in-tune with nature. Hikes allow us to get a breath of fresh air, learn about species of plants and animals, meet new people, get some exercise, and maybe even make a new hobby. Nature walks, camping, and hiking are all amazing for the spring due to the gorgeous scenery and opportunities to learn about nature. And the best part is hiking is an activity that you can do as a family–a great way to spend spring break!

Get Ahead in School

Yes, I know. I might have gotten a couple of eye roles at this one. However, if you are a virtual student like myself, it is likely that you are able to work “ahead of pace,” even during spring and winter break. While I completely understand if you wouldn’t like to do so, you will likely be grateful when you’re taking your summer break early.

Catch Up on Your Favorite Series

With over a week until school resumes, we have plenty of time on our hands. And one of the best ways to spend any long break as such is by catching up on your favorite TV show. We all have those time when we miss a couple of episodes due to our other responsibilities. And while we should still fulfill our duties of our homes even while we’re on break, there’s nothing wrong with a little binging when we get some free time.

Do Some Family Spring Cleaning

Sure, cleaning might not sound like anything “exciting” to do during spring break, but it can be enjoyable if you are creative. For example, you could create your own cleaning playlist, have pillow fights with your siblings, or play The floor is lava while you are dusting. And that’s just a few options. Believe it or not, just about anything that we do can be fun–all we have to do is open our minds to new ways to have a good time while getting the job done.

Drive Around Your Neighborhood

Although we may think that we know everything there is to know about our neighborhoods, why not put that to the test? On those days when you want to get out of the house with family, it can be fun to simply drive around. You may just find a craft store, get a tasty treat at an ice cream shop, or even meet some new people who you’ve never seen before. And you can always sing your favorite tunes or play “I spy” in the car with your fam while you look around. There’s nothing like a mini road-trip.

Hopefully, these tips will definitely be a guide for some fun ways to spend your spring break. I hope that you and your family have a great time together as you embrace the wonderful weather and the overall beauty of the spring season.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite thing to do during spring break?

Thank you so much for reading! Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! ✨

7 Things that I’ve Learned Since I’ve Bought My (Third) Betta Fish

It’s been a little while since we’ve gotten Peace (about a week or so.) And I must admit that the time has went by so fast! Since I’m able to stay downstairs, where Peace is located, while I do my schoolwork, we have already been able to create a bond. Getting to know him and the different parts of his big (but sweet) personality makes my heart content.

Despite the short time that I’ve had him, I’ve learned a lot about the evolution of betta fish and the type of care that they need to keep them happy. Here are 7 of the lessons that I’ve learned since getting my third betta fish. This post is for current betta fish keepers, potential future betta fish owners, and even those who are just curious to see the care that these small but beautiful fish need.

1. A heater is a must.

Since bettas are tropical fish, it is required to get a heater that will keep your aquarium water evenly distributed with heat. In the wild, bettas are found in places with a temperature between 75-82 degrees. Therefore, when you get a pet betta, it is crucial that you keep the temperature (from minimum to maximum) 75-85 degrees to keep them comfortable in their environment.

2. Healthy bettas are very interactive.

When most people think of teaching a pet tricks, they will likely think of, let’s face it, a dog. While you might not be able to touch your betta as you would a mammal companion, you can still teach them tricks and play with them. Bettas are highly intelligent, therefore, similarly to a goldfish, you can teach them how to swim through hoops, jump to fetch their food from your fingers, and push a ball–either moss or ping-pong–across the top of the tank. When you put the time and love in, bettas can be super interactive, sweet, and loving pets!

3. There is a such thing as overfeeding.

Some bettas have stomachs that are smaller than their eyes, which, if you aren’t aware, are super tiny. This means that while you can feed them anywhere between twice a day to once every other day, you must do so with caution, as bettas can be overfed. This is why some betta owners let their fish fast once a week.

Still, keep in mind that you shouldn’t leave your betta at home or not feed your fish for more than 3 days, and if you ever do this, don’t do so often. While we as fish owners should avoid overfeeding, healthy and happy fish still need to be fed at least 6 days a week.

4. Many fish eat insects.

Bettas are actually known to eat insects, larvae and even other smaller fish, in their natural habitats. While most people tend to feed their betta pellets made from insects, it is a good idea to feed your betta live food such as blood worms or brine shrimp a couple times a week. Keep in mind that this is not required, but rather a couple alternatives if your betta doesn’t like pellets or flakes and/or you want to add a little more variety into his or her diet.

5. Aquarium plants (whether real or synthetic) serve for great places to sleep.

Personally, I see my betta sleeping next to or on top of the plastic plants in his tank quite often. To be honest, it’s probably one of the spots in his 3 gallon aquarium that he loves the most and spends the most time in. Many bettas sleep at night and periodically during the day, so don’t be surprised if you see your betta snoozing on some of the tank plants.

Bettas can sleep in many different ways–some of which may look uncomfortable or strange–but this is a completely a normal behavior. So don’t panic if you see your betta being still or motionless for some periods of time. They’re likely just taking a nap. Just like we need our sleep, healthy bettas take naps and need their rest to remain happy and healthy. As long as you see their little gills moving at a steady pace, their is nothing to worry about.

6. Bettas get to know you through feeding times and frequent interaction.

Here’s me interacting with my fish baby, Peace. He loves to check out my fingers when I gently place my hand on his tank.

Believe it or not, bettas can grow to love their owners, and healthy betta fish should commonly swim up to the tank to see you and interact with you when you pass by. Most fish associate their owners with playtime, feeding time, as well as simple companionship and a source of love. Therefore, make sure that you give your betta attention throughout the day, give them plenty of things in their tank to interact with (without over-doing it or adding decor with ragged edges), and you will likely feel the connection between you and your fish grow.

7. Bettas can beg (even when they’re not hungry).

Okay, so Peace is a really awesome fish (if you can’t already tell) but he, as well as many other fish, are probably more similar to dogs than you might think. How, exactly? Well…they beg. You see, my betta will commonly stay at the top of the tank just before or after feeding time, which is two times daily. Considering that we feed him quite a decent amount, it is obviously that he isn’t hungry, but instead he just loves to eat.

So, if you see your betta begging, don’t get sucked in by their adorableness. In the wild, bettas will eat as much as they can, as they aren’t sure when their next meal will be. Similarly, healthy domesticated bettas will eat as much as you feed them, and may even ask for more, whether they are hungry or not. I know. It’s pretty crazy and hilarious at the same time.

I hope that these fun facts were very interesting and informative for you all. It was super fun to talk about bettas, which are honestly better pets then they might seem.

Question of the Day: Do you have any pet(s)? Is there anything that you’ve learned after you got your pet(s)? Also, which fact in this post surprised you, if any? Please comment down below.

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! Peace in! ✨

We redid Peace’s tank..and he loves it! | Betta fish tank decor

Happy Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you all are doing fantastic! ✨

So, as you know, I got my new Betta fish, Peace. He’s doing absolutely amazing, and I wanted to give you guys another update on him. If you’ve been reading my most-recent content, you probably saw our set up for Peace’s fish tank. While the castle was a very beautiful addition, we wanted to switch things up for Peace and buy him some new decor.

And, you probably guessed by now that it looks absolutely stunning! Well…I’ll just let you guys see for yourselves.

This morning, Goodmommy went to Petco to get this really cool realistic, rocky background to tape to the back of the tank, this cool pink and green glow-in-the-dark synthetic plant and a new house with Archangles (from the Bible) carved on the outside. As soon as we added all the ne decorations, Peace immediately started to check everything out. He’s so inquisitive and always wants to know what is going on.

I was somewhat surprised to see how quickly he went inside his new house, though I’m glad that he seems more energetic then ever. He already has a few favorite spots.

He was so excited that he didn’t even notice his food that we put in his tank. Thankfully, we were able to feed him after he explored everything and calmed down a bit.

Fun fact: Bettas love food, and Peace is no exception. He literally swam to the very top of the tank once we opened the lid to feed him his pellets.

It was super heartwarming to see Peace’s response to his tank. Honestly, we do spend quite a bit on him, both in time and money, but it’s all worth it. He really is such a sweetheart and I thank God for placing him into our lives. It makes me happy to see Peace happy and healthy.

And no—Peace is not spoiled.

He’s loved. ❤️🐠💙

My 2022 Goals – How am I doing?

On January 2nd of this year, 2022, I posted some of my goals for the year as well as an explanation for each one. Although, I know it is only February, I thought it would be a cool idea to give you guys an update on how I’m doing with each of the goals on my list.

Have you guys set any goals for this year? If you have, how are they coming along? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Without further ado, let’s get started! ✨

Spend more time with God. To be honest, I think I have been doing pretty well with this one. Me and Goodmommy will occasionally watch one of our favorite pastors on YouTube, watching both the praise and worship (while joining along) and taking notes on our iPads during the teaching. We love to listen to Gospel music together, so I really love how we make worshipping God a family endeavor.

Finish writing the first draft for my novel. I have been working on my book, from time to time. I have been contemplating some new ideas for how I can finish my current chapter (chapter 21.) This goal is definitely going at a slow but steady pace, so far, but I’m glad that this year, I am working on ways to improve my novel more. 20,000 words is very doable considering the time that I have left in the year. I’m excited to look back at my progress in December!

Eat a salad 2-4 times every week. Now this one, we haven’t been doing much, at all. Although we do eat well-portioned food and we make sure we get our vegetables, and protein, we haven’t been eating much salad lately. We have ate some this year, though (the salad that we make is just the spinach with some cut up pieces of chicken and dressing, which I find delicious.)

Step out of box and practice new art techniques. Since I’m taking an art class, this goal is definitely progressing. At the end of January, I painted a rock to get more in-tune with making creations with nature. Right now, we’re studying different types of paper art. Art comes in many different forms, so I really enjoy learning new techniques and using that in the occasional art project, both for school and for fun.

Reach (at least) 200 followers on this blog. Considering that when I listed these goals, I had 51 followers, and I have 68 followers as of now (thank you so much! ) I would say that we’re making pretty good progress in this department. It warms my heart to be able to see more feedback from you all and be able to spread God’s Word whilst doing something that I love: writing!

Continue to stay active in my clubs and extracurricular activities. Yes, I am happy to say that I definitely have! I’ve been reading to participate in book club, learning new sign language, and attending club meetings. All of my club selections for this school year have each been a fantastic experience! In fact, I might take some of the same ones next year.

Read (at least) 12 novels. I’m really happy that I said “read” and not “finish” for this one LOL. I have finished one book, so far: The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl. Technically, I have read 2 novels, one of which I haven’t finished, yet. Reading is definitely a hobby of mine that I always enjoy, and I’m about to start another book, so look out for book review #4 in the near future!

This post was not just to write something, but it also serves as a little bit of a self-check. It is holding myself accountable when I review my ambitions as well as how I am doing on all of them. If you’d like to read the post where I announced my goals for 2022, please click HERE.

Thanks so much for reading! Peace in! ✨

It’s one thing to talk about Christ. It’s another to behave like Christ – Words of Wisdom #7

1 Peter 2:21 NIV (New International Version)
For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.

Today while I was completing a critical thinking lesson, I learned about integrity. Of course, when you read this word, integrity, the second thing that might come to your mind is honesty, which is a great way to simplify the definition.

Integrity is when our values and our actions align. Read that again.

As I advanced deeper into the lesson, it really hit home in relation to our actions as followers of Christ. Writing about the goodness of the Lord and sharing the Good Word with others is always an amazing thing, and I commend anyone who does so. But, this is not the only part of being a Child of God. It is absolutely a blessing to be able to share His Word, but the real question is if what we write aligns with our actions.

As God’s children, what are we doing when we aren’t writing about His Word? Does what we do in our everyday lives correlate with what our values are as followers of Christ? I think these are super important questions that we should all ask ourselves throughout our lives.

This is not to say that we’ve done everything right–we have all fallen short of God’s glory. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try our very best to live our lives according to our values in Christ, for when we become saved, we are redeemed. We abide in God as He abides in us. Every second is a second chance, and we can make the choice to do better and be better in the Lord’s eyes.

In order to please God, we need to fear Him, know Him, obey Him, seek Him, study His Word, be a cheerful giver, and follow in His footsteps.

Does it take some effort? Absolutely. And is it worth it? You bet!

Living for Christ is the best decision that I have made, and I am super grateful that I am being raised by God himself and a wonderful woman of God, my Goodmommy. When we think about how good God has been and is being to us, we can’t help but want to be like Him.

He truly is a miraculous and amazing God.

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is a form of self-expression. It is how we can use our imaginations to create something original, unique, and true to who we are. And guess what: creativity is not just limited to writers and artists. If we take the time to look, creativity is all around us, and there are opportunities to be creative in our day-to-day lives.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to find new ways to be creative. So, here are 5 simple (and fun) ways to give your sense of innovation a big boost! Let’s get started.

1. Invest in an idea journal.

To be honest, ideas run in our heads every day. Even though most of them can be random, starting with a random idea and using that to create something new is a huge part of what creativity is all about. So, I would recommend keeping a journal where you store all of your ideas. Whether you fill it with a formatted list or quirky doodles, an idea journal filled with all of your random thoughts is sure to get your creative juices flowing!

2. Read every day.

When reading a good book, we are transported into a new world with diverse characters, personallities, places, and events. Reading is a great way to boost your sense of innovation as you widen your imagination to new possibilities. Besides, when we read we are also increasing our ability to concentrate, which can be a great skill for coming up with new, productive and innovative ideas.

3. Create (or maintain) a lively workspace.

It’s pretty likely that we all have a certain space that we use for creating, whether it be an office, workspace, or a simple desk with some supplies in your room. If you don’t have a creative space of some sort, I would definitely recommend one to get you more creatively in tune.

Okay, so stay with me–I’m gonna create a scenario. Let’s say your workspace had gray walls, a plain white desk, no windows, and no color whatsoever. Chances are your creative thinking skills aren’t living up to their best standard. If we want to find new ways to be creative, we should make our workspace and environments reflect that desire. It’s much easier to be innovative in a personalized, lively room rather than a space without any oomph.

4. Step out of the box.

If we can’t step out of the box, then that means that we could be limiting ourselves from other great possibilities. Every now an again, it can be a good thing to try something new and use our imaginations. So I encourage you to try that new art technique, write about something great that you haven’t seen before, and not to be afraid to bounce off a random thought–sometimes its the most random ideas that can turn into the most beautiful creations.

5. Take a break.

Patience is a virtue in all circumstances, and, you guessed it—that includes creativity. There might be times where you just can’t think of any ideas, and that isn’t anything to be ashamed of. If you ever find yourself stuck, step away from your desk and continue on with your day. The right idea will come at the right time, and when that fantastic idea does come, I’m sure you’ll be glad that you took some time to clear your mind.

Creativity shouldn’t be difficult–it should be fun! And that’s exactly why creativity is a part of every day. What we wear, what we cook, what we write, what we make, and what we do can all be ways to be innovative and creative. So, don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something different–the amazing possibilities are endless!

Have a beautiful, blessed, and happy day, everyone! ✨

Random Acts of Kindness – Why We Should Do Them

Ephesians 4:32 NIV (New International Version)
Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Kindness is one of the fruits of the spirit; it is a way to spread God’s everlasting love. Not only that, but showing kindness is simply a nice thing to do–it is a way to make someone’s day brighter. And today is the perfect day to talk about kindness. Why? Because it is Random Act of Kindness Day! Although I’ve already posted several posts with this subject on my blog, today is especially special.

It isn’t always the big actions that mean the most–sometimes something as small as a hug, a letter, or a compliment can make the biggest difference; bigger then we might think or imagine. Kindness can come in many forms. Not to mention that it’s good for our health (it’s good for our immune system, good for our heart, and it can reduce anxiety and depression.) It feels great to be kind!

Here is a list of some of my past posts pertaining to the subject of kindness. Enjoy!

Kindness is selfless, understanding, and loving. Not only should we practice being kind to those who we call our allies (family, friends, etc.) but we should even be kind to our enemies. The Bible says that if we forgive others for their wrongdoings our Heavenly Father will forgive us. If we don’t forgive others, then we aren’t forgiven by God. (Matthew 6:14-15) And believe it or not, forgiveness is a form of kindness.

Besides, God shows us kindness every second of every day. Why shouldn’t we follow in His footsteps and do the same for others as God is always doing for us?

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! ✨

Believe and you can achieve !

Hey, y’all! Happy Tuesday.

So, if you checked out my Valentine’s Day post discussing how we (me and Goodmommy) went shopping, you know that I bought a cute white shirt with the word “SHINE” and small silver beads elegantly placed on the front. I explained how we bought it specifically for a special occasion and that I would share what the special occasion is with you all today. And guess what. I came through with my word, y’all.

I was chosen to attend a Middle School Student Forum to represent my school!!! Just before I went to bed, I was jumping up and down inside with excitement. To have my straight A’s pay off, now allowing me to use my voice to make a positive impact on my community is truly a blessing.

We took a few pictures before we left. It was close to 9 AM, so we didn’t want to wait too long to get there. Though, all the pictures turned out adorable. This one is one of my favorites. Goodmommy is such an amazing support in all of this. My assistant principal gave me a document of some of the sample questions that the board members might ask. Just before bed time, we practiced roleplaying the introductions and sample questions. It’s always a good idea to be prepared. Also, thanks for your help, Goodmommy. :))

It only took us about 25 minutes to get to the building, and believe it or not, I was the first student to get there. To be honest, I was a little shocked. I’ve always been an early bird, though, so it was nice to be able to take a look around at the large auditorium and take some photos as momentoes of this wonderful memory.

The set up of the whole entire room was super organized and well-planned (to my liking.) They even gave each student an assigned table and seat based on our district. We also had a small notebook and pens for notetaking, as well as little tins of mints if we wanted a little snack. I really appreciated how friendly everyone was. They made me feel super welcome and comfortable.

My assistant principal also gave me a printed copy of the sample questions, so I was able to write in my notebook some of my answers regarding the criteria.

And here’s my assistant principal, himself. It was super nice to meet him in-person for the first time! He was nice enough to come over and greet us with a warm welcome as soon as he saw us.

After close to an hour of introducing myself to a couple of my table mates, taking notes, and drinking my Gatorade, it was soon time for the discussions to start. I enjoyed having a conversation with the board member of my district and some other students who attend a variety of public schools in my community.

Being able to hear and give feedback from those familiar with the academic and educational industry as well as hear from other students’ perspectives was really eye opening. I found it informative to learn about what kids my age may experience while attending in-person schooling, as well as how that correlates to my virtual public schooling.

We (including students in all 6 groups) were able to discuss topics like mental health, bathroom issues, peer pressure, connectivity with each other and our teachers and the list goes on. The fact that they are allowing middle and high schoolers to share our input on what we appreciate and would change about our school programs was a wonderful idea that I’m happy was put in place.

It also gave us a chance to get used to having healthy discussions and learning how to speak confidently in front of an audience. Not only giving our input, but being able to listen to the opinions and feedback of others in a respectful way. I found it such a great method for giving back to my community.

Of course, to celebrate this beautiful occasion, some of our parents (including Goodmommy) came over to take a photo of the board member, me and the other students at my table. I appreciate the amazing photography to make this memory last.

All in all, I thank God and all the staff and administrators for the wonderful honor of choosing me to be a representative of my school, the students in my school, and everyone in my community.

It truly was a wonderful experience that I will never forget and always cherish. And it has showed me that when you are committed and believe in what God has for your life you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.

Be Natural. Be Beautiful. Be YOU.

Beauty is skin deep. Sure. It may sound a little cheesy, and you’ve probably heard it a zillion times. You might even be tired of hearing it. But, despite how cliche it might be, this saying is absolutely true.

Valentine’s Day is about love, which is wonderful because God is love. And while February 14th is centered around the love we have for others, we also mustn’t neglect appreciating and loving who God made us to be.

Tomorrow is International Natural Day, also known as International Day of Self-love. Y’all already know that that’s a biggie on my blog. So, of course, I had to discuss it today. Whether you have a partner or not, the days before Valentine’s Day are to help remind us that we don’t need everyone’s validation.

It is a chance for us to realize and believe that we are all precious in God’s eyes. He said that we are the apple of His eye. And don’t be mistaken; God doesn’t look at what we look at. People will look at height and outward appearance. But God looks at our hearts. And as long as our Heavenly Father is pleased with us, both how we live our lives and who we are inside, then that is all the validation that we need.

Valentine’s Day is a day for us all to celebrate both inner and natural beauty. It is also to show those who we love, and who the Lord has placed in our lives to love us just the way we are, that we appreciate them, care for them, and are thankful for them.

And mind you, self-love doesn’t mean that we should be cocky or arrogant. It doesn’t mean that we should be putting ourselves on a pedestal. The first commandment is to love the Lord our God with ALL our soul, with ALL of our mind, and with ALL of our strength. The second is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. (Mark 12:30-31 NIV) God ALWAYS comes first.

When I say “self-love” I mean coming to terms with the fact that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. Living our lives as Jesus Christ sees fit, and respecting ourselves because we know that God loved us enough to give His one and only son to die for our sins.

“Self-love” is knowing that we are worth it because God sees worth in us. If God, the King of kings and Lord of lords loves us so much as to give up His only child, then we must be worth loving. We are worth loving because God loves us.

Have a beautiful day, everyone! Always remember that God IS love! ✨

7 Simple and Chic Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

I really enjoyed writing yesterday’s post for some reason, and Valentine’s Day is getting closer by the second. I figured, why not keep the theme going?

Now, since I’ve already given you guys some ideas for how you can make your Valentine’s Day fun for the whole family, let’s now direct our attention to decorations. Valentines Day decor is romantic, sweet and playful. But the rich colors give off just the right amount of sophistication.

Here are 7 simple and chic ideas for how you can make your home flood with hearts–literally.

Also, BEWARE. Gorgeousness is coming up! :))

Festive Heart Throw Pillows

Real talk: throw cushions are perfect for any season, but heart-shaped pillows for Valentine’s Day are so elegant. Not to mention that they’re cheap and may go in any room that you please. No matter what type of chair you have, cushions can make any seating area more spectacular.

Flowers, Lots of Flowers

Flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day symbol that aren’t just good gifts, but also good decorations. In my home, we love to keep fresh flowers on our island, which we use as a dinner table. Their dainty and delicate appearance are sure to stand out in a vase, around your fireplace, or even on your front door. The possibilities are endless!

LED Neon Light Wall Decor

I am in LOVE with this. If you really want decorations that make a statement, especially in a creative space like a home office or your room, I highly recommend an LED light. They look fantabulous in red, their lifespans are long, and they’re great for ambiance.

DIY Heart Tree

To be honest, this might be even better than flowers! Anyone who is looking for a DIY activity is sure to love this one. All you need are some thin sticks or branches, which you are likely to find in your backyard. Then, cut out paper hearts, and glue them to the ends of the sticks. I really appreciate how this looks home made, but in a cute way.

And just in case Do-It-Yourself is not really your thing, you could always use a Christmas tree or mini-tree and add heart ornaments to it. We did so in our living room and it’s gorgeous! I’d definitely recommend.

Cinematic Light Box with A Sweet Saying

In case you aren’t familiar, Cinematic Light Boxes are little boxes with LED lights. What makes them unique is that they come with a set of letters that you can insert inside one of the 3 sections to create a message, which I believe is a great way to fill your home with loving words to set the mood. If you add some type of hanging decoration around it with a few rose petals, it’s sure to scream Happy Valentine’s Day.

Mini Heart-Shaped Candles

Candles are in style all year round. The rich aromas can fill any room with a sweet scent. But they are also extremely romantic, sophisticated, and lively: perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner date.

Candy Display

One of the best parts of this holiday of love is the candy. A candy display full of Sweethearts, M&Ms, or maybe some baked goods that you made yourself are perfect for any family get together. And if there are lots of kiddos in your family, make sure you stock up. Otherwise, the candy will be cleared out in a snap!

All of these cute ideas are sure to make any home more Valentine’s Day ready. There’s nothing like decorating for the holidays, and February 14th is no exception! What did you think about these decor ideas? Do you and your family decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Have a beautiful and blessed day, everyone! ❤️