5 Ways to Bond with Your Parents or Guardians

What’s up, fellow teens! I hope you all are doing wonderful, today! You know, as teenagers, we tend to want to be more independent, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s also important to take more time with those we love, especially our parent(s) and/or guardian(s).✨

I mean, think about it, they provide you with food, shelter, love, and are most likely the reason that you have your room, your phone, and everything else that they work hard for.

I’m pretty sure the least that we can do to thank them is spend some quality time together. Don’t you think? ✨

So, are y’all ready to read some ways that you can bond with your parents/guardians?

Let’s get this party started!

1. Set up a weekly movie date.

I’ve always found a movie a little more enjoyable when I sit down and watch it with my family. I know that being a teen can be busy sometimes, but try talking to your parents, and fitting a weekly time, that fits into all of your schedules, to sit down as a family, and enjoy a good movie together!

2. Try helping out in the kitchen.

Another amazing way to bond with your parents is by cooking with them. I’m sure that a lot of us are just used to eating the food, lol. However, cooking with your parents not only gives you an opportunity to spend time together, but it can also help you get some mad cooking skills!

3. Do your work together.

This might be a little hard or even impossible to do if you and/or your guardian(s) do not work or go to school from home. However, if you do, then a great way to bond is have an office room or space that you can share together. Not only can it be an opportunity for your parents to help you study, but you might even be able to help them with their work, as well. It’s a win-win!

4. Have a spa day.

Whether you get your hair done, a manicure and pedicure at a professional salon, or you just create a homemade face mask and prepare some snacks, having a spa day, especially with your mom, can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. I mean, laying down, getting your feet massaged, and eating a delicious snack? Sign me up!

5. Take some time to just sit down and talk.

You know, you don’t really need to do anything special to bond with your guardian. Sometimes, all it takes is to ask them how their day has been. It’s easy for a lot of us to talk to our friends about those sort of things, but, always remember, your parents need some quality attention, too!

Okay, everybody! I really hope that these 5 Tips will give you some great ideas on how you can share more bonding time with your parents! Don’t forget, no matter where you go in life, it’s always important to remember where you came from! ✨

Have a happy, healthy, and fabulous day, everyone! ✨

5 Nutritious (and Delicious) Foods, Drinks and Snacks

Hey, peeps! How are y’all doing today? Do you ever wish that you could find a delicious snack that is still nutritious to your body? I mean, a lot of teenagers love a good snack (or more than one, lol) Well, if so, then your wish has come true! ✨

Most people don’t know this, but there are a lot of healthy snacks and foods that can still satisfy your cravings, whether they are sweet or savory. Besides, why not eat something that’s delicious, and beneficial to your body? ✨

So, let’s get the food party started!

  1. Yogurt

I don’t know about you, but a nice and cold sweet treat is yogurt. It’s smooth, creamy, and high in protein and vitamins. Not even I do this, but experts recommend that you replace ice cream with yogurt. Even if you don’t want to do this all the time, it is definitely a healthy alternative or option when you have a taste for a creamy snack. You can even eat yogurt with your fruit!

2. Tomato soup

Although I don’t eat it every day, every once and a while, I have to admit, I never fail with a bowl of tomato soup. It’s a great alternative if you want a quick and savory-tasting dish. Tomatoes are known for having a large amount of vitamins, such as vitamin C, as well as potassium. Plus, let’s be real, especially when added to an already delicious dish, tomatoes are pretty delectable.

3. Dark chocolate

I mean, come on! There are not a lot of teens or people, in this world who don’t like chocolate. The list of positives are endless: it is smooth, sweet, and great to drizzle over an ice cream sundae. And that’s not even including the fact that, dark chocolate, in particular, is filled with a lot of antioxidants, which can cause anti-aging, and even protect you from diseases like cancer and heart disease!

4. Vegetable-based hamburgers, or hamburgers with vegetables.

I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of people are afraid to try these, because they think that they are going to taste like plants. In fact, I haven’t heard of any teenagers that actually like these type of burgers, but I do. The best burger, in my opinion, is the Impossible Burger. It’s made completely out of plants, which is low fat, and packed with vitamins and potassium. In fact, the Impossible Burger is the best burger I’ve ever tasted!

However, if you would like, you could always add vegetables on a regular hamburger, as well.

5. Fruit smoothies

Similar to yogurt, fruit smoothies are an amazing, delicious, and healthy alternative for ice cream. They are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth (because of the sweetness of the fruit), and fill your body with nutrients and protein. It’s a win-win!

Okay, everyone! I really hope you all consider trying one or some of these 5 Nutritious and Delicious Foods, Snacks, and Drinks! They are all delicious and healthy foods that can satisfy your cravings without using up half of your daily calories!

Have an happy, nutritious, and healthy day! See you later!✨

3 Effects of Negative Peer Pressure

Hello again, amazing people! Princess Q’Zion is back for another amazing blog entry! So, calling all teenagers, I have a question for you: have you ever been in a situation where all of your friends were doing something, (it could be smoking, drinking, dating, skipping school, etc.), and you felt like you had to do it, too? ✨

If you read my post a few days ago, then you probably already know that this is called negative peer pressure. I gave you all some tips on how you can positively deal with negative peer pressure. But, I never told you the actual effects of it.

You might not know this, but according to a study, 90% of teens has reported of being a victim of peer pressure. This is exactly why I wanted to share with you guys the effects that negative peer pressure can effect a person.

So, are you ready?

Let’s begin!

  1. It can decrease a person’s self-esteem or confidence.

When a person feels forced or teased about something, it can make them feel bad about themselves, as they can begin to feel like they aren’t as good or worthy as those who are participating in the negative behavior. It can also cause them to feel as though they need validation or approval from others, therefore causing them to feel lesser about how they feel about themselves.

And, if the situation gets worse, this can actually escalate to medical conditions that relate to anxiety or depression. This is just one of the possible affects of negative peer pressure.

2. A person’s grades can lower of fluctuate.

As teenagers, a lot of us feel the need to be accepted by our peers. We have the want to fit-in, have friends, and be accepted by everybody else. Sometimes, in worse cases, this could even mean that acceptence becomes a priority over a person’s grades. If a teenager is pressured to skip school or classes, then their grades could easily turn for the worst.

This not only affects their academics, but, depending on what their skipping school to do, could ruin their future, as well.

3. The person being pressured may begin to engage in self harm.

If a person feels anxious about a situation, or like they don’t belong, then eventually, it could cause them to want to harm themselves. No matter how hard this truth is to face, a lot of teenagers have actually committed suicide as a result of peer pressure or bullying.

It is easy to think it’s funny when you are pressuring a person, but it’s not so laughable once you realize what it can do to a person.

Okay, everybody! I really hope that you learned from these 3 effects of negative peer pressure.

If you are going through this, please always remember this:

The person or people who are pressuring you are doing it because they are being pressured to do it, and/or they have low confidence or self-esteem. Also, never be afraid to ask for help. Your peers might say that you are a ‘snitch’, but standing up for yourself isn’t a bad thing. Just, make sure, that you never use violence to do so. We must remember not to fight back in violence, but fight back in love.

I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy, and happy day! See you next time, amazing people! ✨

The Power of Laughter

Hey, beautiful people! I hope you are having a wonderful day! You know, depression and anxiety have been some of the most major issues of the 21st century, especially among teenagers. And these diseases have been on the rise since COVID started in 2020. This is exactly why practicing good mental health is especially crucial, now. ✨

That leads me toward my topic today: laughter! ✨

You might not have ever thought about this, but, how often do you laugh? When was the last time that you laughed? Believe it or not, laughing actually has a lot of benefits that most people don’t even know about.

That’s why I wanted to share with you all The Power of Laughter, as well as why we should all laugh, more often.

So, are you all ready to discover all of that power? ✨

Let’s get into it!

  1. It reduces stress. ✨

This one is probably pretty easy to believe, since laughter is often associated with happiness and humor. When laughing, your brain released a chemical called ‘endorphins’, which is a feel-good chemical associated with, well, good feelings, such as joy or happiness. Let me tell you, this chemical is your friend! It can even temporarily relieve pain, physically or mentally.

2. Laughter burns calories.

Are you trying to loose a couple of pounds, but you don’t feel like working out? Laughter might be a great alternative. Laughing for as little as between 10-15 minutes a day can cause you to loose 40 calories. This can add up to a loss of 3-4 pounds a year! Besides, most people wouldn’t mind loosing a couple of pounds.

Workout….or laugh! 😀

3. It can promote bonding in relationships.

You know those special moments in life, where you shared a good laugh with your parents or your best friend? Laughing can help you bond with other people, as it helps you able to overcome stress or conflict easier. It can really bring you closer to a person, and help you understand them better, in the process.

4. It boosts your immune system.

Laughter can actually help make your immune system stronger, as it causes your body to release anti-infection hormones, that lowers your chances of contracting diseases or viruses. And, let’s be honest: with COVID-19 around, we all need as much protection as we can get.

5. Laughter may increase your life span.

Yep. You read it correctly. According to a scientific study, people who laugh often outlived those who don’t laugh as much. You know, it can make a huge difference when your mind is healthy. Even lengthen your life.

Okay, y’all! I had so much fun talking about the Power of Laughter! Whether you watch funny vines on YouTube, or you spend some time with your funny parent, sibling, or friend, always remember to take some time everyday to, well, this picture pretty much says it all:

Have a wonderful, amazing, and laughter-filled day, amazing people! ✨

5 Ways to Maintain Healthy Hair

Hello again, my beautiful audience! Guess what I did today? I got my hair done! To be honest, it took a really long time to do. In fact, it was the longest that it has ever taken to get my hair done. Not that I’m surprised, because I have a lot of hair. But, to be honest, the results ended up being worth it! ✨

My experience inspired me to focus my post on How to Maintain Healthy Hair (no matter what the texture is)! Of course, since school is now in session, it’s important that we all keep our hair looking fabulous, don’t you think?

Besides, the best days of school are usually the ones where your hair is looking and feeling its best. Why? Because when you look better on the outside, you feel better on the inside! And who doesn’t want to feel great about themselves? Am I right?!?

So, are you ready for some healthy hair tips?

Yes? Let’s get started!

  1. Look at the ingredients in the products that you use.

Sometimes, it’s easy just to get a conditioner because of the price tag, but have you ever taken the time to actually look at the ingredients? It can be something that we don’t pay attention to, but it’s really important to know what we are using on our hair. Using products that are right for your unique locks create the best results! Besides, who wants to pass on a voluminous hair flip?

2. Master a brushing technique.

Honestly, most people don’t enjoy tangled hair. For one, it doesn’t look great, and two, detangling can be really painful. Even though it is important to keep your hair tangle free, it is also important that the way you brush your hair isn’t done mindlessly. Experts have said that it’s better to brush the bottom of your hair first, then work your way up to the roots. Using the correct technique when brushing your hair can make managing it simpler and less painful!

3. Be sure to use protection!

Before you use a hair straightener or any other heated tool on your hair, make sure to use a heat protector. Heat protectors are meant to moisturize and condition your hair, as well as protect them from getting heat damage. Plus, it might be at least a little harder to burn a huge chunk of your hair off after using a flattening iron, so that’s a plus!

4. Get your edges trimmed often.

It might sound a little unbelievable, but trimming your ends every once and awhile can encourage hair growth! Trimming can also help get rid of dead and split ends, therefore, making your edges look more even, and healthy. So, if you want to grow your hair longer, then I would definitely take this tip into consideration!

5. Educate yourself on your hair.

What’s one of the best ways to maintain healthy hair? Learning about it! By knowing details about your locks, such as the texture and how often you detangle it or use hair products, you can automatically use that information to keep it healthy. Do research on what products you should use and how you should brush your hair. I’m sure you’ll love the results!

Alright, my beautiful viewers! I really hope these 5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair helped you with keeping up your fabulous back-to-school hairdos.

Don’t forget that keeping your hair healthy is important for your overall health! Not only does it look absolutely fabulous, but your hair can hair can be very healthy, manageable, and beautiful as we all enter the new school year, and look like the best version of yourself in the process!

Have a wonderful, happy, and healthy day, kind people! ✨

Having Self Confidence

Welcome back to my blog, beautiful people! I’m back yet again! Alright, let’s get real today. I’m pretty sure most people have doubted in themselves or been self-conscious at least once in their lives. I mean, it’s part of life. It’s also especially common during teenage years. ✨

To be honest, it can be a pretty awkward time. We already have to deal with puberty, school, relationships, and eventually, things like preparing for college. Therefore, it’s normal to be unsure at certain points of adolescence.

It’s for this reason that I wanted to talk to you guys about having self confidence, respect, and, most of all, love. We are all super awesome, unique, strong, and capable people. Sometimes, we just need a little help to see it.

I hope you all enjoy these four tips on how we can all grow to become more confident in ourselves, our strengths, and our worth.

Tip #1: Never compare yourself to other people.

‘Trust me, I know how hard this tip can be. I’m glad that I’ve been released from a lot of peer pressure, since I’m homeschooled, but that certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t remember what it’s like. However, if we stop wishing that we had what someone else has, and see the beauty in our own qualities, then eventually, we can start to love and appreciate ourselves more.

Tip #2: Look at yourself in the mirror every morning, and say at least one thing that you like about yourself.

If you’re able to name things that you love about yourself, then it will get easier to like yourself more and more. In doing this, you will realize the uniqueness and beauty within yourself, and gain confidence, as a result.

Tip #3: Keep yourself healthy and happy.

Believe it or not, taking care of your physical body can actually help you feel better mentally and spiritually, as well. It’s because of this that eating healthy, exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, and getting good rest will give you a better quality of life, overall.

Tip #4: Set goals and/or do things that scare you.

By setting do-able goals, and/or doing things that you are afraid to do, you will be able to see how strong you truly are, and realize that you truly are capable. Trust me, it feels really good to set a goal for yourself, and then achieve it. You already are powerful, and setting goals can help you to see how powerful you truly are.

Alright, everyone. Those are 4 tips on how we can all help improve our quality of life and self confidence! Never forget this: you are powerful, beautiful, unique, and capable, no matter your gender, race, religion, weight, or any other of your amazing traits. You are you, and you are a Blessing.

Have a wonderful day, beautiful human-beings! Don’t forget! Look at yourself in the mirror, and admire the beautiful person that you see! ✨