Let’s end 2021 the right way!

Let’s end 2021 the right way!

– ajoyfulChristianteen ♛

Can y’all believe it? 2021 has almost come to an end. Like every year, this one has had its ups and downs, however, I won’t complain, for many blessings have come for me and my family. Each year I become wiser, stronger, and my relationship with Jesus continues to grow. Every year is a chance for growth, wisdom, and new experiences that help us learn.

The new year, 2022, will be here before we know it. We need to make sure that we are ending this year efficiently, so that way we can go into another year with happy and healthy hearts, minds, and spirits.

To elaborate on this, here are a few tips for ending this year merrily:

  • Reflect on all of the progress that you made. By recognizing how we have changed or improved this year can help us find a sense of closer and achievement. As well, it can help you identify the things that you are still working on, and can do to complete your goals before and throughout 2022.
  • Start making resolutions for the New Year. When January first comes around, it can be difficult to make efficient New Year’s Resolutions. Start brainstorming in advance about what your resolutions will be to prepare your mind and body for possible future changes.
  • Make sure you are at peace with your family. One of the worse things you can start a new year with is a grudge. If you have any hard feelings with any family members, make sure to forgive them and possibly reconcile. Remember, tomorrow on this Earth is never a promise.
  • Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made. As humans, we are not perfect, and we never will be. No year is without mistakes, so if you still feel guilt for any of those you’ve committed, forgive yourself. Use your mistakes as learning opportunities on how you can improve the next year.
  • Clean your mind and your environment. A healthy mind is crucial for a productive life. However, something that goes hand in hand with that is a great environment. Clean your home and do some relaxing activities (yoga, spa day, skygazing, etc.) with your family to help keep your home a happy place to be!

Bonus: We Baked Peanut Butter Cookies!

Today, me and Goodmommy did some more baking. We made peanut butter cookies! The cookies are so soft on the inside, and they have hit just the right spot, considering that I’ve had a taste for peanut butter cookies for a while. Additionally, making the little design on top with a fork was really fun, as baking with Goodmommy always is! Spending time with family is another great way to end the year.

I had fun sharing how we can end this year strong. A positive start to next year is a sturdy stepping stone for the future. Therefore, by making sure that we are spiritually, physically, mentally, and environmentally in-check is crucial to making the most of this new chapter: a brand new year!

Have a beautiful day, everyone! ♛

Guess What! It’s Daylight Savings Time! – Energy Conservation

Daylight Saving Time Conserves Energy

-thejoyfulchristianteen ✨

What is the true purpose of Daylight Saving Time? Sure, it gives us another hour of sleep, which is great. However, it also helps to conserve energy. People all around the world are working to create a healthier planet at this time of year, and we should all do our part!

By conserving energy, we are performing the civic responsibility to take care of our planet, as we are reducing the amount of energy that we use in our day to day lives. Because just about everything that we do revolves around energy and electricity, it’s a good idea to research ways that we can conserve energy.

Here is a list of ways to save energy:

  1. Turn your lights and appliances off when you aren’t using them.
  2. Lower your appliance use, if possible.
  3. Take showers or small baths.
  4. Put your lights — such as Christmas lights, on a timer.
  5. Lower your use of hot water.

Click here for a longer list of ways that we can be kind to our planet!

There are many simple acts that we can take in order to help conserve energy! It is days like this that are here to help remind us of how important it is that we take care of our ecosystem!

So, do your part! The more people that pitch in, the better off our environment!

Have an amazing day, y’all! ✨