5 Benefits of Having a Parent Who Works From Home

What’s up, everybody? I hope you are having a splendid day or night! ♡

As most of your know, I have been homeschooled for a sum of almost 6 years now, and I absolutely love it! But I’m not the only one in my family who stays at home during weekdays; my grandmother and guardian, who I call my Goodmommy, also works from home as an offsite receptionist. Throughout the years, technology has improved drastically. And one of the benefits of the constant revolutions is that they allow many parents to work in the comfort of their own home. Goodmommy is one example of many.

Why am I talking about this subject in particular, you ask? Today is National Work From Home Day, and since my Goodmommy has been slaying at her job for 7 years, I want to share some of the things that I love about having a parent who works from home as a homeschooled teenager.

So without further ado, let’s get this party started!

1. A Flexible Schedule

Compared to work in an office building, working from home gives people an opportunity to be more flexible with when they work. For example, even though Goodmommy does have a schedule that she sticks to every week, she had the option to choose her own schedule according to her needs. This helps assure that her schedule is a healthy balance between her work and family life, unlike the demanding hours of some in-person jobs.

2. No Demanding Dress Codes

Depending on where you work, some businesses require their employees to dress business casual, or casual. While there is nothing wrong with a standard for appropriate attire, it can still limit what you can and cannot wear to work. Working from home–and attending virtual school–give you the option as to whether you want to work in everyday clothing or your pajamas and a robe. I personally think that you can be much more productive when you are in comfy clothing.

3. More Family Time

I’m quite sure I’ve repeated this multiple times, but Goodmommy is my absolute best friend. Therefore, because both of our schedules are so flexible, we are able to spend hours of quality time together each day. Working from home can have long hours, in some circumstances. But some companies actually give employees vacation time at and around special holidays, which helps people spend more of their leisurely time with their families.

4. We Use Less Gas

It’s hard to believe that we once had to drive to school and work five times every week. While it feels normal if you have that type of lifestyle, it isn’t hard to recognize that it uses a lot of gas—not to mention a lot of your time. And considering that the price of gas has been sky rocketing lately, working from home has definitely allowed us to save a lot of money.

5. Reduced the Risk of Contracting COVID

Although many people have let their guards down in regards to COVID, the risk of contracting the virus increases when you work amongst people every day. But having a parent that works at home means that it is much less likely that Goodmommy will get COVID or spread it to me, in the process. P.S. Don’t forget to stay safe, and wear your masks, everybody!

As you can see, having a parent who works from home is a blessing in so many ways. That’s why I thank God that He gave me and Goodmommy the opportunity to get our education and work at home, in the first place. At first, I missed attending in-person schooling, but the more I got used to the adjustment, the more I realized that being homeschooled is the perfect option for me; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

LET’S CHAT~Do you prefer working from home/attending virtual school, or being amongst other people? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Have a beautiful rest of your day, everybody! God bless you and I’ll see you next time! ♡

5 Things to Do Outdoors in the Summer

If there’s any time to branch out and get a little outdoorsy, it’s while schools are out for summer break. Spending our time out in the nature while the weather is pleasant is one of the best ways to make the most of the season. Not to mention that being outdoors can do wonders for your overall mental health. And since June is Great Outdoors Month, I think we all need to have a little fun in the sun.

Here is a list of a few things that anyone can do OUTDOORS during the season of summer.

Go horseback riding

Learning how to ride a horse has been a desire of mine for years–and I still hope that I will do it someday. Horseback riding is also the perfect activity for the summer. Working with animals in the community is a great way to spend break if you are someone who enjoys being outdoors.

Try rock climbing–indoors or outdoors

Believe it or not, there are many organizations that serve rock climbing classes to people of all ages. I find summer one of the best times to take on a new hobby, and rock climbing is a really great option if you want to step out of the box. Plus, you can easily start training in an indoor rock climbing gym before you transition to climbing small hills and other real landforms with the permission and supervision of several adults, including your legal guardian(s).

Watch a movie outside

All you need is a projector, a translucent white screen, a few foldable chairs, family and friends, and some snacks, and you have set up an outdoor movie party. And just in case you like this idea, but want a cheaper alternative, many parks offer drive-in movies (or movies outdoors) for free during the summer. Just remember that if you decide to watch a movie in public to practice social distancing and have fun!

Visit a strawberry or cherry field

Some people may have goals on their summer bucket list that correlate to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To keep fresh fruits in your diet, why not visit a strawberry or cherry field–or the field of any fruit that is currently thriving where you live–and go fruit picking? Not only will this activity get you outdoors and give you quality time with the ones you love, but you will also have a healthy, delicious reward to look forward to when you get back home.

Go canoeing

Maybe you want to spend some time in the water–why not go canoeing? Based on what I’ve heard, canoeing is an activity of teamwork and strength. Not to mention that it’s also a really good low-impact aerobic workout. If you plan on going camping this summer, canoeing could be a really good way to spend some extra time near your campsite on an uneventful day.

Being outdoors feels so good around this time of year–the weather is perfect, and we have every ounce of time on our hands. Instead of staying cooped up in the house all break, spending some time with mother nature is beneficial for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Besides, no summer bucket list is complete without activities in the great outdoors.

LET’S CHAT~Does your family have any outdoor traditions for the summer? If not, is there any activity that you want to try during break? Feel free to comment down below.

Have a beautiful day, y’all! See you next time! ♡

26 Simple Things that Make Me Happy ♡

Happy Saturday everyone! ♡

Everyday of our lives may not go exactly how we expected. But even when this happens, there tends to be some of the small things–the everyday gems that some can take for granted–that never fail to put a smile on your face. Believe it or not, it’s the little things in life that can make the most memorable, joyful, and brightest days of all. Here’s some of my everyday gems that never cease to make me happy.

1. Laughing with the ones I love.

2. The soothing sound of rain. It’s perfect for naps.

3. An unexpected hug.

4. Art. Whether I’m making it or viewing someone else’s it always makes me happy.

5. Matching my entire outfit. From my jewelry, to my socks, to my hair.

6. Hot chocolate. Especially on a cold or rainy afternoon.

7. Reading the Bible in the morning–there’s no better way to start my day.

8. Spending time with Goodmommy (a.k.a. my grandmother). She’s my best friend.

9. My betta fish, Peace; he’s like the baby of the house.

10. Singing. I can be a little shy when it comes to doing it in front of others, but I still love it.

11. A hot, long bath, particularly after a really busy day.

12. Binging my judge shows–and cooking competitions, too.

13. Helping and inspiring others.

14. Milkshakes.

15. Staying up late on the weekends.

16. Seeing people be kind to one another, regardless of their differences.

17. Taking naps

18. Roller coasters, even though I haven’t rode one in FOREVER due to COVID.

19. Organization. If you can’t already tell, I’m a perfectionist ;).

20. Writing and blogging.

21. Good music.

22. Chocolate. Boy, do I love chocolate.

23. Reading novels on the couch in my living room.

24. Rainbows, but especially when they are super vibrant.

25. The feeling of being early.

26. Pop Tarts–strawberry is my favorite.

Believe it or not, thankful people are some of the happiest people in the world. I truly hope that this was a reminder to you all that it’s important that we never take the little things in life for granted. Making a list of the things that make you smile is a great way to practice being thankful for all of life’s small (but valuable) treasures.

LET’S CHAT~What are the top 5 things that make you feel happy?

Have a beautiful and blessed day everybody! God bless you all and I’ll see you next time! ♡

3 Creative Ways to Make Brownies that Taste Like Christmas | Blogmas Day 6

3 Creative Ways to Make Brownies that Taste like Christmas

-ajoyfulchristianteen ✨

Happy Wednesday, y’all! I don’t know if you guys have heard yet, but today is National Brownie Day! Brownies are a dessert fit for any time of the year. They’re fudgy, slightly crunchy, and moist, if they’re made right. But, we don’t want just any brownie. We want a brownie that screams “Christmas!”

I wanted to share the brownie mix that I like to use to make delicious brownies. It’s from a brand called Ghiradelli, specifically the Double Chocolate Premium Brownie Mix. It includes chocolate chips, which make the brownie melt in your mouth. Perfect for National Brownie Day!

Keep on reading for some creative things that you can do to make your brownies reflect the Christmas spirit! ✨

1. Incorporate Classic Holiday Flavors

You know those flavors that effortlessly say “Christmas?” Peppermint, pumpkin, raspberry, ginger, and caramel are just a few examples. Incorporate one of these flavors into a brownie, and see what you think. Adding a flavor that compliments this time of year along with chocolate can make a really sweet treat!

2. Use Innovative Shapes

While the taste of a brownie is super important, cutting them into creative shapes can make them even more of a joy to eat. Use your creativity when shaping your brownies into different forms like a Christmas tree, heart, star, or candy cane. And don’t be afraid to decorate! If you do, they will surely add some Christmas color to your dinner table.

3. Make Cheesecake Brownies

One of my favorite holiday desserts, or desserts in general, is cheesecake. It’s creamy, simple, and a classic that never gets old. But what about a brownie cheesecake? Sounds delicious! While both are great on their own, I’m sure that they would be even better together!

Oh great! Now I want some chocolate, lol. Hopefully, you now have some creative ideas to help you elevate your brownies and make them scream “Christmas!”

Have an amazing day, y’all! ✨

My Favorite Emojis and How I Use Them

My Favorite Emojis and How I Use Them

-ajoyfulchristianteen ✨

Let’s be real here. There aren’t a lot of teenagers, or people with phones for that matter, who don’t use emojis. Their fun, cute, and a quirky way to express your emotions, with or without words. Emojis are definitely a huge part of texting and technology!

So, I’m going to share My Favorite Emojis and How I Use Them!

1. Sparkles

As most of you all have probably noticed, I used the Sparkles emoji almost all of the time. I think I just really love the color scheme, and it matches my personality super well. I will use the Sparkles emoji on my blog posts, as well as in every day conversations with my friends. It’s kind of like my signature emoji.

2. Folded Hands 🙏🏾

As a Christian, the Folded Hands emoji is another one of my go-tos. I love using it when I’m talking about God, or prayer. I might even use it to say “Thank you!” I honestly think that this emoji is underrated. It’ll probably be one of my favorites for a long time.

3. Smiling Face with Hearts 🥰

Even though most people will probably use this with their partner, I just use it with close family members, such as my Goodmommy. It’s really just a short and sweet way to say “I love you,” you know?

4. Party Popper 🎉

The Party Popper emoji is one that I use for celebration. Maybe for someone’s birthday or another special holiday. I really love how decadent and vibrant the color scheme is. Whatever the occasion, it’s a great emoji to use to create a fun atmosphere.

5. Sparkling Heart 💖

To be honest, just about every emoji with sparkles is one of my favorites, lol. The sparkling heart is just really helpful when I’m trying to show support to someone, or show them some love. We all need it.

I hope you all enjoyed learning which emojis I love the most and how I like to use them.

What are your favorite emojis? Comment them down below!

Have an amazing day everyone! ✨

45 Acts of Kindness

Yes. Yes you have read the title correctly.

Guess what, y’all! This is my 100th post on The Joys and Trials of A Christian Teen! I just want to say thank you all so much for all of your support! I appreciate every single one of you who have stopped by to spread some love on my blog!

I didn’t know what to expect when I first started this journey, which is still a work in progress. However, I am thankful to God for the progress that I have made, so far, and I am so excited to see how this blog continues to grow and improve, in the future.

God is so Good! 🎉

Since this day is so important, I wanted to post a BANGER! 🎉

So, let’s do it! Here are 45 Acts of Kindness!

1. Call a friend or family member that you haven’t spoken to for a while. Ask them how they are doing.

2. Leave a flower bouquet on someone’s doorstep.

3. Send an encouraging email.

4. Plant a tree.

5. Give your sibling a hug.

6. Donate a baked good or something that you made to those in need.

7. Tutor someone.

8. Write positive messages on sticky notes and put them in places where your family can see them.

9. Like a post that you enjoyed.

10. Give a stranger a compliment.

11. Have anything that you don’t use anymore? Give it to someone else.

12. Wash the dishes for your parents.

13. Get a library book.

14. Send a ‘Thank You’ card to a soldier or veteran.

15. Donate some of your old books to a library.

16. Ask a family member, “What is your least favorite chore?” Then, do that chore for them.

17. Smile more.

18. Donate your hair.

19. Ride your bike to school or work.

20. Write an inspirational poem.

21. Teach someone how to read.

22. Avoid complaining.

23. Enjoy your favorite dessert.

24. Share your food with someone else.

25. Volunteer for a good cause.

26. Tell your sibling something you love about them.

27. Hold the door open for someone.

28. Teach someone how to make a paper crane.

29. If you do something wrong, apologize for it.

30. Tell your guardian that you love them.

31. Watch someone else’s favorite movie.

32. Give your mom, dad, or guardian breakfast in bed.

33. Unplug from social media for a day or week.

34. Adopt a pet.

35. Say, “You look awesome!” to yourself in the mirror.

36. Tell a joke.

37. Write positive messages on the sidewalk in chalk.

38. Start a fundraiser to raise money for a good cause.

39. Make a scarf for someone.

40. Donate blankets and scarves to the homeless.

41. Help your parents make dinner.

42. Make a “Feel Better” card for someone.

43. Ask your guardian(s) and/or grandparent(s) about their childhood.

44. Pick up the trash in your neighborhood. But with gloves, of course.

45. Read a book to kids at your local library.

I hope you all enjoyed this list of 45 Acts of Kindness! Please comment down below #100thpost with the “🎉” emoji to celebrate the 100 post anniversary of The Joys and Trials of a Christian Teen!

Again, I thank you all for the amazing support! Have an amazing day! Remember to be kind!

Galatians 6:9-10 NIV – Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.