10 Mental Health Tips to Remain Stress-Free (and Blessed Abundantly)

Mental health is more then just our emotions. It is also how we view the world around us, how we think, how we feel, and it can even have an effect on the decisions we make. No matter what your age, it is important that we have a stable mental wellness that allows us to remain flexible, positive, and productive in all of the many different stages of our lives.

Let’s take a look at 10 simple and easy mental health tips to help YOU remain completely stress-free and blessed abundantly.✨

  • Journal about how you are feeling and what you are thankful for. Although it may be hard for some people who are struggling to focus on the positive, it can really help to write about the things in your life that you are thankful for. Additionally, write in a personal journal what emotions you are feeling or have felt throughout the day. This exercise can help you get more in-tune with your emotions and what exactly is happening in your life.
  • Distance yourself from harmful influences. One of the major keys of having good mental health is a great support system. Not only does this mean that we should surround ourselves with people who can and will support us to do better, but we may also need to distance ourselves from negative influences. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that some relationships need to stop forever–give yourself and the other person a break if you need it. Just remember that who you spend your time with can reflect on you and your choices. We should surround ourselves with good company.
  • Pray about it. Sure. It may sound a bit cliché. But that doesn’t take away from its truth. Prayer is powerful, and sometimes it could be something that we are doing subconsciously that could be having an effect on our mental health. It’s always a wonderful idea to ask God for help and what we need to do or stop doing. At times, we may need God to save us from ourselves.
  • Don’t bail on your beauty sleep. Seriously, sleep is very important. And not only to keep our bodies happy and healthy, but our minds as well. I would recommend creating a schedule for your week; one that will give you plenty of time to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Sleeping helps us rest our minds and bodies, helping us to wake up ready to start the day off great.
  • Practice effective communication. Sharing our feelings and what we could be going through with a confidant (the best range is probably 1 or 2) can usually help improve our mental health for the better. It can feel good to know that someone who you trust knows what you are experiencing and is there for you every step of the way. We’re humans; we can’t read minds. Therefore, making those that we love the most know how we are doing and feeling can help us feel heard and acknowledged.
  • Spend your time doing things you love. Hobbies are the things that we love to do. Therefore, chances are if you are enjoying a fun leisure activity of yours, it is sure to give your mind a great big boost of happiness. Of course, school is school, and we have duties in which we still need to fufil. However, after school is out, and you’ve done your homework, spend time with the people and doing the things that you enjoy the most. You can’t be sad when you’re doing some of your favorite things.
  • Remain present, even while planning for the future. If we want to continue to improve and keep a healthy mindset, we must learn to grow from the past and use the lessons of life in the present as well as our plans for the future. We must look forward as each day goes by, and continue to live life in a way that is productive and optimistic.
  • Ask for help when you need it. This very much ties in with the communication point, but this one goes more in-depth. There are times where we just can’t fight our battles alone. Sometimes, we must humble ourselves and ask for help from those who we love and trust. That person (or people) can be God and a family member or friend. Whoever you trust and can depend on is the perfect person to ask for help. If you can’t do it alone, why not do it with someone you love?
  • Create positive coping mechanisms. The truth is, life has its joys and trials. Some days might be better than others. It isn’t what mountains stand in our path that is the question–everyone has or has had an obstacle or two. The true question is will we climb the mountain or try to walk around it? Instead of trying to run away from and avoid the obstacles through harmful or destructive methods, we need to find positive ways to face the problem, get to the root of it, and eventually solve it. Learning how to cope positively can make for a better look on life and a happier mentality, overall.
  • Do your best to reach your goals. When we give ourselves a goal, we are providing ourselves with a sense of responsibility and purpose–something that we can work for in order to get the great results that we want to see, when our work is done. Knowing that we’ve did our best in everything that we do–despite the possible obstacles–is an accomplishment, within itself.

So, I’ll be honest–this was a pretty long post. Well, for my blog, anyway LOL. But long isn’t always a bad thing. Mental health is one of the topics that I enjoy discussing, the most. Although it is getting more acknowledged, these days, we should still be proactive in making sure that we remain in good spirits. If you have a healthy mentality, chances are that positivity will soon have an effect on our bodies and spirits, as well.

With a good mindset, especially the same mindset as Jesus Christ, we are automatically set for success.

Have a beautiful and blessed day everyone! Please don’t forget to like this post and follow my blog for more. Peace in! ✨

The Broad Difference Between Confidence and Cockiness – A Deep Dive Into Reality

It’s a really good thing to love and appreciate ourselves. Self confidence is crucial in order for us to live our best life possible! The question is, how do we know when this confidence goes too far? 💜

Let’s dive into the reality of the difference between confidence and cockiness!

What is confidence?

First of all, let’s take a look at the dictionary meaning of the word “confident!”

To elaborate on this, confidence is basically when you know who you are. You might be wondering exactly what this means. I am basically saying that confidence is when you love yourself, and this love remains, regardless of the opinions of others.

In other words, confidence is appreciating yourself for who you are as a person, both inside and out!

What is cockiness?

Again, here is the dictionary definition of cockiness:

The world “overconfident” is a perfect synonym for cockiness. When a person is cocky, it means that they are confident to the point to where they think that they are superior, or better, than everyone else.

Being cocky is a negative thing, because it takes confidence to an extreme where a person can loose their sense of kindness, humanity, and humbleness.

How can we be confident, but not cocky?

Here are the golden words: awareness and humbleness. If we are aware of the words we say, the things we do, and the choices that we make, we can help boost our images, not only to others, but, most importantly, to ourselves.

Remember the people who have made positive contributions in your life, and don’t take those people for granted.

Kind and Humble Challenges:

Think about all of the people that helped you become who you are today, even if they are not with us, anymore. Write a letter to them, thanking them for their contributions to you.

Sometimes, we can be too “prideful” to ask for help. However, it’s important that we practice asking for assistance when we need it. Show willingness to learn and thank those who do or have helped you.

If we make a mistake, then we need to apologize for it. Still, remember that is normal to make mistakes. The truth is, the only way that we can keep ourselves humble is by recognizing our faults.

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I hope you all enjoyed this post about Confidence vs. Cockiness.

Remember, it’s possible to be both confident and humble. It is important that we love ourselves and know who we are. However, we should never take it to the point where we put ourselves on a pedestal because we are “better” than others.

Besides the Lord, everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay! Just be sure to love yourself, in spite of.

Have a great day, everyone! 💜

How to Stay Productive

Hey everyone! Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like staying in bed all day? Well, that’s what today was for me, lol. It’s because of this that we can often slow down when it comes to our productivity, whether it’s in school, at work, or relating to any of our other responsibilities.

This is why I’m going to share 3 Tips to Help you Stay Productive. Besides, we all need to do so in both our work and personal lives! ✨

So, let’s get started!

  1. Plan a to-do list. ✨

One reason why a lot of people don’t get their work done is because they simply forget what they have to do! I don’t blame them, though, since we all have many responsibilities that we have to follow through with. Make a to-do list that lists the things that you have to do every day. Personally, I keep a calendar right next to my work desk which shows me the dates and times of all of my appointments. Choose the strategy that’s best for you!

2. Make your goals achievable.

Sometimes, we might want to cramp so much work into one day to get it over with. Although this can be tempting at times, it’s also important that we remember to give ourselves a break and know what our limits are when it comes to our work. Of course, our responsibilities are important, but it’s also important to get some rest sometimes, as well.

3. Celebrate your achievements. ✨

Just like we need to have responsibility for our duties, we also need to celebrate when we achieve our goals. So, go ahead! Dance around your house, watch a movie with your family, or maybe even take a power nap. Whatever you need to do in order to celebrate your amazing achievement! Just remember to stay safe! :>

I hope that these tips helped you all learn how to stay productive! Just remember; don’t overwork yourself, plan a schedule, and celebrate your achievements. If you do, I’m sure that your productivity will skyrocket in no time!

Have an amazing day, y’all! ✨

3 Tips on How to Thrive in Middle School

Hey, y’all! I hope you are all at peace today! So, school has been in session for about a month now, and we are all still probably adjusting to new teachers, classmates, and possibly even a new school. Starting a new school year can always be challenging, but especially so, when it’s your first year of middle school. ✨

It can be kind of scary to learn a new environment, at first. However, doing so is a part of life that we all have to go through. This is exactly why I wanted to share with you all 3 Tips on How to Thrive in Middle School!

So, let’s get started!

  1. Do your best in your classes.

I know, I know. You probably want to know how to thrive socially in middle school. Starting junior high school is that point in our lives where we want to make friends, be popular, etc. And while there’s nothing wrong with having friends, it’s also important that you do well academically. Taking notes in your class, doing your homework, and studying often are all ways that you can help ensure that you are academically secure.

You might not like it now, but you will appreciate all of that hard work that you did when you’re all grown up and living your best life emotionally, physically, and financially.

2. Be yourself.

Trust me, most people have been to a point in their lives where they have wanted to be included or accepted by a specific person or group of people. If you ever feel this way, remember that you don’t have to change who you are for anyone. Be who you truly are. True friends will come, if you do. Besides, who wants “friends” if they aren’t even real.

Also, remember, an important part of life is accepting the reality that some people might not like you. And that’s okay! As long as you love yourself and who you are, what others think is not important, at all.

3. Make self care one of your priorities.

During middle school, most of us are experiencing physical changes, whether you’re sweating more, your voice is cracking or getting deeper, or you seem to be getting clumsier. Remember, during the tweenage and teenage years, physical and mental health is super important! Always try to do things that help you relax, such as listening to calm music, talking to a sibling or best friend when you are upset, doing some yoga, or just making sure to give yourself a pep talk everyday. These are all ways that you can help increase the well-being of both your mental and physical health.

Okay, everyone! I hope that you enjoyed these 3 Tips on How to Thrive in Middle School. Although it can be tough, it will eventually come to an end. Just remember to focus in school, own who you are, and take care of yourself. If you do, I’m sure that you’ll be thriving in no time!

Have a happy, healthy, and peaceful day, everyone! ✨